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Gang “GorillA” Beom-hyeon joins DWG KIA as LCK head coach

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Former Worlds finalist Gang “GorillA” Beom-hyeon has joined DWG KIA as its LCK head coach. He will make his debut in the LCK 2023 Spring Split.

GorillA was a professional League of Legends player from 2017 until 2020. During those seven years, he played for many teams, including NaJin White Shield, HUYA Tigers, ROX Tigers, Longzhu Gaming, SANDBOX Gaming and more.

He announced his retirement in 2020 and began working as an analyst for the LCK. He worked there for one year and seven months until he quit to join DWG KIA.

DWG KIA lost some members of its 2022 coaching staff on November 16. Those who left were head coach Yang “Daeny” Dae-in, athletic director Kim “kkOma” Jeong-gyun and coach Lee “Zefa” Jae-min.

Besides GorillA, the organization has also signed Choi “Acorn” Cheon-ju as a head coach. Unlike GorillA, who has no coaching experience, Acorn has been a coach for around four years. He became LGD Gaming’s head coach in 2017 but only stayed for five months before joining Kingzone DragonX in 2018. In 2019, KT Rolster signed him as a coach, and Acorn stayed there for three years until he left to join DWG KIA.

Deft, Canna join DWG KIA

DWG KIA has completed its roster for the 2023 season with the addition of the current World Champion AD carry, Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu, and former NS RedForce player Kim “Canna” Chang-dong.

DRX and NS RedForce announced earlier this week the contracts of their LoL rosters had expired, causing all members to become free agents. Deft and Canna were not interested in renewing their contract with their previous team and decided to join DWG KIA.

DWG KIA’s new roster comprises top laner Canna, bot laner Deft, support Kim “Kellin” Hyeong-gyu, jungler Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu and mid-laner Heo “ShowMaker” Su.

While DWG KIA is ready for the new season, DRX has not decided on its new roster. On the other hand, NS RedForce has chosen to promote its Challenger team members to be the new main team for the upcoming season.

Nuguri, Burdol part ways with DWG KIA

Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon and Noh’ Burdol’ Tae-yoon have left DWG KIA and is now looking for a new team for the 2023 season.

The two players have been rotating in the 2022 season, with Nuguri as the top laner for most games. Burdol still participated in several important matches, including the Regional Finals against Liiv SANDBOX and the LCK Summer Playoffs against T1.

Burdol began his journey as a professional player with T1 as a member of its academy teams. He then joined Gen.G in 2021 as a substitute top laner. DWG KIA recruited him at the end of the 2021 season. Burdol participated in most of the Spring Split’s games until Nuguri returned.

On the other hand, Nuguri has left DWG KIA twice. He became a member of the organization in 2017 but joined FPX in 2020. He did not perform well with FPX and decided to rejoin DWG KIA in April 2020, where he stayed for six months.

“DWG KIA announces Jang’ Nuguri’ Ha-gwon has elected free agency. DWG KIA appreciates Nuguri’s contribution to the organization in 2022 and wishes him the best of luck in the future. Thank you,” DWG KIA said.