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God of War new PC mod allows players to play as Atreus

God of War was finally released for PC on January 14, 2022 after the game’s initial release back in April 2018.

PC release means that the game will allow fans to get more creative with the game through mods. It also gives an opportunity for PC modders to try their magic with the game.

PC modders would usually up the game’s graphics to make it looks more realistic, add new gameplay of characters that are not playable on the base game release, or in a curious case of the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim where modders even added out of the blue character, such as Thomas the Tank Engine into the game. The opportunities are endless for PC modders.

God of War mod

Right now, fans of the new installment to the God of War series will be able to play Atreus in the new God of War.

In the original game, Atreus is Kratos’ son and both of them embark on a journey together to find the highest peak in all realms to scatter Atreus’ mother’s ashes. However, despite the large role that Atreus has in the game, players will never get a chance to play or even control him.

God of War PC players will be able to do just that thanks to a mod by Speclizer, a YouTuber who specializes in modding other triple-A titles.

Speclizer has uploaded a video showing the said mod in action and the current state of the mod. The mod adds Atreus and his moves as an NPC instead of swapping models directly with Kratos. The video demonstrated the mod in action as Atreus takes on Baldur, fire troll Brenna Dauði, and some enemies. It also shows Atreus moving around like sliding on ice.

Current state of the mod

The mod itself is still rough on the edges and Speclizer admitted that by saying “it is clearly not a smooth experience” as more work is still required to make it better. Speclizer also did not provide details about the mod release date. But safe to assume that the modder will have a lot of fixing and adjusting before releasing the final version of the mod.

“A mod that makes Kratos’ son Atreus, playable! As you can see, it is clearly not a smooth experience and it still requires a lot more work before release.” Speclizer’s video description reads.

Although the mod demonstrated on the video does not have Kratos around except for cutscenes. Unlike in the original game where Atreus is following Kratos and it still remains unclear whether it is intentional by the modder or not. People are hyped of the mod’s potential nonetheless.

As mentioned previously that Speclizer has modded other triple-A titles and playable Atreus is not the modder’s first work of the game. His previous works are including the first-person mods for God of War and The Last of Us 2.

God of War was previously released as a PS4 exclusive. The game has created quite a scene for the modding community following its release on PC. On a popular and largest gaming mods site, Nexus Mods, God of War already has a quite selection of reskins mods for weapons and for Kratos himself.