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GTA Online Festive Surprise 2022 event introduces Grinch-like character

The 2022 Grand Theft Auto Online Festive Surprise holiday update is here with new Christmas events, missions and bonuses. These include the Gooch, a creature based on the Grinch, a fictional character played by Jim Carrey in the classic film “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”

“Beware of The Gooch, a nefarious opportunist now roaming the streets and lurking in the shadows, looking to empty the pockets of unsuspecting players while causing grievous bodily harm,” the announcement on December 22, 2022, reads.

Gooch, Mugger comparison

The Gooch acts like the Mugger, a non-player character from the multiplayer game. There is a prize for beating the monster during the snow event, which is currently running until December 28, 2022.

Both the Gooch and the Mugger rob players, but they serve different purposes. The Mugger itself is a recurring character who can appear at any time of year. The Gooch, on the other hand, only appears for a limited time.

As long as there are at least two players, including invite-only ones, Gooch will show up out of nowhere in a cloud of dark green smoke. However, it will not reveal itself if the player is inside a building or engaged in a mission.

As a result, players can expect to see the Gooch more frequently in crowded areas. Muggers, on the other hand, will hide until they find a suitable situation to attack.

The Gooch, who is dressed as a scruffy Santa and wears a colorful baboon mask, will knock players down, steal their money and scurry away. Meanwhile, the Mugger can inflict damage on the player in a variety of ways, with the most common method being stabbing players. It will try to hit the victim multiple times before being killed or called off by the attacker.

Muggers, meanwhile, can be spawned by a player to pursue other GTA Online players. The player who wishes to use their services must pay $1,000 in-game money to summon them. Their victims will lose a portion of their money (up to $10,000) if they do not deposit their money into their bank account.

The players are unlikely to be able to avoid the Gooch before it attacks. However, once the Gooch has stolen money, players can use their weapons to kill it.

The game will reward players with $25,000 in their wallet and bank and the brand new “The Gooch Mask” for killing the Gooch for the first time after the attack. Players can then scare other players by wearing this mask. On the other hand, if a player manages to kill the Mugger, they will receive their stolen money back.

To capture the Gooch, players can chase him by vehicle or on foot. Then, players can get a clean headshot using a sniper. After that, players can proceed to go where the Gooch has fallen.

The Gooch will vanish as players get closer. When it does, it will be replaced by a gift-wrapped box. Players can find their stolen cash and snacks inside the box.

GTA Online Festive Surprise

The 2022 GTA Online Festive Surprise update not only includes the Gooch but also introduces snow in the open worlds of Blaine County and Los Santos, plus a slew of new gifts for players.

The event brought 25 Snowmen collectibles to Southern San Andreas. Players will receive cash and RP for each one discovered and destroyed. Furthermore, players can decimate all of them to gain access to the Snowman Outfit and an additional $125,000.

The Weazel Plaza Shootout in GTA Online was also activated during the event. Players can discover the robbers above the Weazel Plaza engaged in a shootout with an LSPD helicopter.

Fans who eliminate them can receive a new weapon and a Season’s Greetings skin for the Pistol Mk II weapon. The player can apply the skin at any Weapons Workshop.

This month, all GTA Online players will also have the opportunity to obtain several Holiday-themed items, including a Candy Cane, Green Reindeer Beer Hat, Firework Launcher, Full Snacks, 20X Firework Rockets, Full Armor25X Grenades, 25X Sticky Bombs, 10X Molotovs and 5X Proximity Mines.