H1Z1 Gambling Guide | All you need to know

H1Z1 is a MMO videogame played in the popular Battle Royale format where a high number of players are pit against each other on a single map. Just like other massively multiplayer online video games, it has made it into the esports betting industry and today, fans and punters can bet on the outcome of each game, as well as special markets. H1Z1 betting is still no match for the major MOBAs such as League of Legends and Dota 2, but it has steadily gained traction and there are plenty of H1Z1 gambling sites to choose from.

How Does H1Z1 Gambling Work?

The big challenge for all Battle Royale games was to provide punters with a predictable and reasonable way of betting on its outcome. The high number of players competing simultaneously has altered the manner in which H1Z1 gambling takes place. As the maps shrink due to the toxic gas cloud, players caught and the outskirts die and survivors are forced to fight for a place in the middle. This renders the possibility of games turning into a long and tedious affair impossible and makes H1Z1 betting intense.

As many as 150 players can compete on the same map, but in the events featured by H1Z1 gambling sites, the number is slightly lower. There are three distinct game modes, with players entering the fight in Solo mode, together with a teammate or in a team of five players. The latter is ideal for H1Z1 betting, since there are fewer teams involved and it is easier to bet on the outright winner. However, this is a steep departure from the original format of the game in which it was every player for himself.

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What Bets do H1Z1 Gambling Sites Offer?

Compared to other popular esports, where players can bet on dozens of event every game, H1Z1 betting offers few alternatives. It is still possible to bet on the match winner for both teams and individuals, as well as the final placement. With so many combatants, it’s nearly impossible for H1Z1 betting sites to list all of them and also update the information in real-time. The fact that live betting isn’t offered on a grand scale is a bit disappointing, given the fast-paced nature of this game.

On the bright side, while the sheer limitations of the gameplay lead to fewer betting markets, other types of wagers are possible. Betting H1Z1 skins is still a thing and this type of gambling is particularly popular in countries where online betting isn’t properly regulated. It appeals to recreational punters and active players who have a lot of fun playing H1Z1 and simply want to make things more exciting. As the popularity of H1Z1 betting grows, it is likely that more H1Z1 gambling sites will emerge, providing punters with more betting opportunities at competitive odds.

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