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Halo Infinite to lower price for items at in-game stores

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Microsoft’s Halo Infinite video game is set to make some major changes to its microtransactions by reducing the price of skins and items.

The change is soon to come as developers continuously receive a significant amount of negative feedback from players and the media about the expensive price on items in the in-game store that does not match their low values.

It will be applicable to both the Windows version and the Xbox console version, which is playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

“Using data and community feedback, we’re going to begin rolling out changes to how we package and price items in Halo Infinite – and it all starts next week,” said Jerry Hook, 2343’s head of design in a tweet.

Although Hook and team did not mention the exact new price but simply stated it is “lower”. It is also not confirmed whether players who purchased the items while the price was higher would be able to reimburse their money.

Changes in the game

Players have been complaining to 343 about the expensive price of items at the in-game store, which is a contrast to the high praise the overall game is receiving. An example is a full armor set can cost a player around $20 or £16, while Fortnite players can purchase a similar outfit, sometimes with additional free alternate styles, for a half or even a third of the price.

Apart from that, instead of making parts of a set available for individual purchase, the game only sells minor parts of an outfit. Some parts are even restricted to be worn with certain sets, so players cannot mix and match them with parts from other sets.

According to Jerry, starting from next Tuesday, players will get various shopping experiences week-to-week.

Aside from reducing price and providing stronger values on bundled items, players will be able to purchase items that were previously only available in bundles.

Moving forward, the team is also ready to experiment with different sales strategies. Hook added that they will be “trying new things throughout the rest of the season” and “improve for the future” in a follow-up tweet.

One big feature that is possible to be added is the ability to earn store credits through playing matches, which can then be used to purchase skins and cosmetics, instead of having to pay with cash every single time.

However, fans and players also need to keep in mind that the game is essentially free-to-play, and currently the only way for the developers to make money is through the in-game stores.

Many players who do not purchase items from the store can still enjoy the game as a free-to-play experience and access everything it offers since no mode is locked behind paywalls. There is also no nasty leveling system that rewards players spending money over time.

From this standpoint, Halo Infinite is one of the most accessible free multiplayer shooters in the market, as the stores only provide gun skins, armor plating, and accessories. Although it is also understandable that some want to look cool and the absolute best when blasting their guns off.