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Halo: OpTic Gaming sweeps G1 4-0 in Grand Finals to earn $125,000

OpTic Gaming takes first place in the Halo Championship Series North America Super 2022, winning $125,000 after a 4-0 sweep against Gamers First.

Gamers First fought their way out of the loser’s bracket and into the grand finals but were stopped in their tracks by a dominant OpTic Gaming. Throughout the tournament, the team only lost a single map, with all other competitors falling to them. Though the score looks like OpTic Gaming won the best of seven effortlessly, Gamers First gave a good fight as the series went on.

The final four games

OpTic Gaming started the series off strong with Trippy, Lucid and FormaL, ending with 20 kills each. The team managed to win both of their matches on the map, taking apart Gamers First with barely any effort needed. However, this would be the last time OpTic Gaming would win easily in the series as the defeat seemingly rallied Gamers First into action.

Game two had the teams facing off in the Slayer game mode on the Live Fire map. OpTic had a slight lead at 47-44 but found themselves in a bad spot as Gamers First managed to surround the team.

As Gamers First had the positional advantage and surprise on their side, they looked poised to take back control of the game. However, a clutch play from FormaL had Gamers First retreating as he secured the numbers advantage with a precise sniper shot onto SquallEye, which gave OpTic Gaming the momentum to win the team fight and secure the round.

Game three went much the same way as the teams were neck-and-neck in terms of score. However, a misplay by Gamers First saw an Overshield power-up fall into the hands of OpTic’s FormaL. He then leveraged the Overshield to get a triple kill and team wipe onto Gamers First. OpTic then used the team wipe to secure map control and take the flag back to their own base, putting them at match point for the series.

The fourth game of King of the Hill had Gamers First take the lead early. However, OpTic clawed their way out of defeat, bringing the match to a stalemate once again. The battle over the final capture point resulted in neither team being able to get a full capture.

As time ran out and sudden death began, Lucid managed to find himself a Bulldog. The close-ranged weapon let him aggressively push into Gamers First’s formation and secure a triple kill — the other team could not contest his damage output up close, allowing his teammates to capture the final point.

The secret behind OpTic Gaming’s success

OpTic Gaming’s success mainly came from its controlled aggression and discipline, letting its players close games out decisively while other teams might hesitate. Lucid explains his team’s mentality with the analyst desk after the series, saying:

“I think today was a good example of how we aren’t really just pure scrapping. We’re here to win and we’re winning because it just makes sense. We have an objective we are striving for every moment in the game and there’s always something to go for, even if it’s something as simple as staying alive.”

The team is now setting its sights on the Orlando Major on September 23. Though it has cemented its place as one of the top Halo Infinite teams in the scene, and the team will be a clear favorite going into the tournament, other teams will likely make roster changes and adjustments to prepare for the major.