2018 Heroes of the Storm Global Championship Finals Start on Thursday

Heroes of the Storm fans are in for a treat, as their favourite game is going to be played at the highest level starting this week. BlizzCon is a sold-out event that brings together the best professional players who enjoy the games developed by Blizzard Entertainment. Since HotS is their flagship MOBA game, it was only natural for the most important tournament of the year to be also scheduled for late October.

Starting on Thursday, October 25, Blizzard Arena Los Angeles, Burbank, will become a hotspot of entertainment for Heroes of the Storm players. The tournament hosted here will have a guaranteed prize pool of $1 million, which will be spread among the most successful teams. All the important squads from all over the world will participate, so the winner will not only get cash, but also bragging rights.

2018 Heroes of the Storm Global Championship Finals

Image Credits: Blizzard Entertainment

HotS Global Championship Finals Format and Prizes

As stated above, the tournament will have a prize pool of $1 million and the winner will receive half of the amount. The runner-up will have to settle for $200,000 and the next two teams will share an equal chunk of $75,000 each. Four more teams will receive $20,000 and the bottom placed four squads will receive consolation prizes of $10,000. The bottom line is that regardless of the stage of elimination, no participating team will go home empty-handed.

In the group stage, the tournament will be played in a round-robin format, with all sets being best of two. The winning team will receive three points and if the series ends undecided, each team will receive 1 point for securing the draw. Since there are only two groups consisting of 6 teams each, only the top 4 will advance to the playoffs, which are scheduled to start on November 2. The quarterfinals are played in a best of three format, while the semi-finals and finals will require up to five days to decide the winner.

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Gen.G are the Big Favourites at HotS Global Championship Finals

Competition is going to be intense and no team can be ruled out just yet, but some squads definitely stand out from the crowd. Towering high above everyone else is the Korean outfit Gen.G who has absolutely dominated the Heroes of the Storm stage in 2018. They have recently won the 2018 HGC Korea Phase 2 in an emphatic manner and were able to sweep most of their opponents. Now they prepare for a couple of series against international opponents and will start with the first chance in every single game.

The 2018 Heroes of the Storm Global Championship Finals structure is unforgiving after the group stage concludes. That’s because there is no winners’ and losers’ bracket and those who lose in the quarterfinals are automatically eliminated. On the other hand, only two players are eliminated from each group so there is an excellent chance to have the best Heroes of the Storm teams in the playoffs.

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