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Krafton announces BGMI 2022 Esports Roadmap

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Krafton, a South Korean game developer, has revealed that four major Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) competitions will be held in India this year.

Krafton announced their Esports 2022 Roadmap for BGMI, which includes four events, cash prizes of Rs. 2 crores each (roughly $266,000), epic rewards, and a slew of regional and global opportunities for sporting gamers to establish a reputation for themselves.

Furthermore, the aforementioned competitions include Battlegrounds Mobile Open Challenge (BMOC), Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series Season 1 (BMPS), Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BMIS), and Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series Season 2.

BGMI had over 600,000 app registrations and 200 million-plus views on YouTube and Facebook Gaming last year. Although the exact dates for the tournaments have yet to be revealed, registration for BMOC is likely to begin by the end of February, with in-game qualifiers to start by the end of March.

BGMI roadmap, format, qualifications

512 best teams from in-game qualifiers will be chosen from 512 teams to 256 teams (Round 1); 256 teams to 64 teams (Round 2); and 64 teams to 24 teams (Round 3). (Round 3). However, only the top 24 teams from Round 3 will advance to the first season of the BMPS. In the first season of the BMPS, the qualified 24 teams will compete against another 24 accepted teams.

Out of the 48 BMPS Season 1 teams, 24 will proceed to the League Stage, in which they will compete in a Round Robin format against all the other teams. The BMPS Season 1 Grand Finals will include 16 teams after the League Stage. The 16 teams will battle for a massive prize pool of INR 2 crores.

Following the conclusion of BMPS Season 1, the BGIS (Battlegrounds Mobile India Series) 2022 will then begin. The BMPS will return for Season 2 as soon as the BGIS 2022 ends.

Contribution to esports scene in India

Krafton did not give any information on qualifications for PUBG Mobile’s international tournaments. Nevertheless, the organization said in a statement that it will provide a slew of national and worldwide opportunities for sporting gamers.

“Krafton remains committed to the development of the esports ecosystem in India, and in 2022, we will continue to provide a platform to players across the spectrum, be it pro-level or simply gaming enthusiasts via a range of tournaments and thoughtfully curated experiences,” Minu Lee, Head of Battlegrounds Mobile India, Krafton, stated.

“With more and more talent emerging, and the esports ecosystem growing exponentially in India, we look forward to hosting these tournaments that promise to be intensely competitive and full of nail-biting game moments,” he added. “We are steadfast to provide a global platform for these players to showcase and harness their skills.”

Krafton announced $100 million (approximately Rs. 751 crore) in investments in India ahead of the launch of BGMI in July 2021 to boost the local gaming, esports, entertainment, and IT sectors.

Krafton’s announcement is India’s most major Esports news. Regardless of the fact that the title is just six months old, it has already become one of the most renowned in the country. With such a rush of competition, the BGMI landscape in India will see significant expansion.