LCS Summer Predictions

If you’ve been starving for more League of Legends action then you’ll be relieved to know that the LCS Summer has begun. The matches are already in full swing and we’re starting to see Group Stage teams push forward in the overall standing.

This League Champions Series is the 18th North American LCS season, and this summer it has a total of 10 teams competing for a respectable $200.000 prize pool. More importantly, this event will decide which top three teams will make their way to the League of Legends World Championship 2021. We expect a fierce battle with this much at stake, and we are looking forward to a lot of LCS Summer betting.


LCS Summer began a few days ago, on June 4th, and it will last all the way until August 29th. Although Week 1 is already over, we still have weeks of League of Legends fun and exciting LoL betting opportunities.

We’ll cover the tournament information, introduce the teams, and quickly talk about this year’s format. After that, we’ll jump right into our betting predictions and point out some of the teams that have the highest odds of reaching the top.

LCS Summer – Tournament Information

This year’s format is segmented into Group Stage and then the Playoffs.

The Group Stage will last for a total of 9 weeks, and concludes on July 31st. That gives us a full month of LoL betting action before we transition into the Playoffs.

All Group Stage matches will be played as best-of-one in a triple round robin format. In total, each team will play 27 matches.


The Playoffs are now called the LCS Championship. The top eight teams will qualify for the LCS Championship, with the first two teams starting in the Upper Bracket Round 2. The 3rd-6th teams begin their matches in the Upper Bracket Round 1. Lastly, the 7th-8th teams start in the Lower Bracket.

As opposed to the Group Stage, all Playoffs matches will be best-of-five in a double elimination format.

At the very end of the event, the top three teams that finish the LCS Championship will qualify for the League of Legends Worlds 2021. We’ll quickly cover Week 1 and then move into LCS Summer 2021 predictions.

Week 1 – The Current Situation

Now that the first week is over, we can take a look at the teams and see which squads gained an early advantage and which ones got left behind.

When we look at the overall standings, we see that TSM is at the top of the ladder. This is no surprise as TSM is one of the best teams in League of Legends at the moment, so we expect this crew to perform at their peak.

Cloud9 is trailing close behind, despite suffering two losses in the opening week. Not a good start for Cloud9, but they’re still in the race.

100 Thieves, Dignitas and Team Liquid are following with identical 13-8 scores. Dignitas had a great run in Week 1 where they got 2 wins and 1 loss, and the same goes for 100 Thieves. Team Liquid suffered 2 losses, but managed to score a victory against CLG.


We’re now drawing closer to the bottom, and here we have Immortals at the 6th spot, followed by Evil Geniuses at number 7. Immortals have had a great week, winning all three matches they played and getting a great head start.

The last three teams listed in order are FlyQuest, Counter Logic Gaming and Golden Guardians.

The standings might seem a bit confusing at first, but this is because the LCS Spring Group Stage standings have carried over to the Summer event. This is why teams have much more points despite playing 3 matches each.

Overall, the first week has been a blast to watch, and we can’t wait to see what Week 2 has in store for us.

Now that we’ve covered the first week, we’ll jump into our predictions for Week 2 and the overall Group Stage.

LCS Summer 2021 Predictions

Week 2 will be an exciting one for any fan of League of Legends. Here we have some pretty interesting matchups, and we’ll make sure to point those out.

TSM is the leading team in this esports tournament, and we are continuing this trend in the second week. They’ve won all three matchups so far, and as things stand, they are looking at another 3 clean sweeps. Golden Guardians and CLG should both be easy wins for TSM, so if you’re looking to do some LoL betting, these are safe bets. The match against 100 Thieves might be a bit trickier, but we believe TSM will take this one as well.

Our prediction is that TSM will win all the matches in Week 2 and solidify their number one spot on the ladder. If you’re ahead of the game and are looking for a team for LoL Worlds betting, TSM is the way to go.

Cloud9 will also have some easy matchups, so we expect them to retain their 2nd spot in the Group Stage by the end of Week 2.

The match between Team Liquid and Dignitas will most likely be the match to determine which of these two teams will inch forward towards the 3rd spot. They’re both facing Immortals, who’ve had a great first week, but Dignitas has a slightly harder path to victory since they’re facing Cloud9 in their third match of Week 2.

Overall, we expect TSM to hold their first spot, but we see other teams in the top 6 shifting and moving. Cloud9 will most likely stay as on number 2, and Team Liquid should push forward and secure the number 3 position.

LCS Summer – Our Favorites

Here we’ll list the top 3 teams we expect to finish this event and qualify for the upcoming LoL Worlds 2021.


TSM is the clear number one choice here. Not only have they scored great results in the LCS Spring 2021 leading up to this, but they’ve already had 3 great matches which they’ve won. Week 2 will most likely be the same case, where they’ll take another 3 wins and establish themselves at the top.

There will be a lot of hurdles they’ll have to face ahead, but luckily for TSM, they’ve already won once against Team Liquid so that’s one match less they’ll have to worry about.


Overall, we see them as the nr. 1 team in this event. We expect them to take the first spot, but even if the luck doesn’t work in their favor, they’ll almost certainly make it in the top 3 teams and qualify for the LoL Worlds.

If you’re looking for a team to place a wager in week 2, go for TSM. Betway esports is a great choice as they offer a quality service with great LCS Summer 2021 odds.


The LCS Spring 2021 winners are the team we’re picking second in this case. Although they’ve won the previous event, they started this event on the wrong foot. Losing their opening match to Golden Guardians, the team who placed dead last, will cost them valuable points needed to overtake TSM.

100 Thieves also managed to beat them in the second match of Week 2, which is also another harsh blow for this crew.

Still, the saving grace is the victory they achieved against Team Liquid in the final match of Week 1.


The performance from LCS Spring will most certainly carry Cloud9 here, and they can still rise up and even take the first spot. There’s a lot of matches ahead of us, so nothing is set in stone yet. They have to be careful, though, as 100 Thieves, Dignitas and Team Liquid are still close behind.

Regardless of their messy start, Cloud9 is still an excellent betting pick. They have two safe bets in Week 2, so make sure not to miss those if you’re planning some LCS Summer betting. We suggest checking out GG.Bet review as they are covering the event and have some great betting options for you to choose from.

Team Liquid

Team Liquid drew the short end of the stick in Week 1, where they faced both TSM and Cloud9. Unfortunately for them they lost both matches, which cost them precious points.

However, this is the team that doesn’t give up, and this could have been a blessing in disguise as they’ve now gotten two of the strongest teams out of the way and don’t have to worry about them for a while. They can focus all their efforts on winning the rest of the matchups. With some luck, they could easily get ahead of both.


This is our final pick, and with this, we wrap up our top 3 prediction section. Be sure to bet on Team Liquid in Week 2, especially the matches against EG and Immortals. We believe they’ll win these matches with ease, but the one against Dignitas will be a bit more tricky. If you’re looking for a new betting site, we suggest checking out bet365 esports betting. Quality service with competitive esports odds – they have the full package.

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