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League of Legends’ Arcane setting up for heartbreaking finale (spoiler alert)

League of Legends‘ Arcane will soon debut its third and final Act on Netflix, and Netflix has just released one finale official trailer for Act Three. It will be released on Saturday, November 20.

The Netflix-exclusive show focuses on the backstories of several major characters or from the game League of Legends. It takes viewers into the events that turn them into their more familiar forms, including circumstances surrounding the relationship of the characters in the series.

How season two sets up Arcane’s finale for Vi and Caitlyn

The second act of Arcane explores two of such relationships. The in-game lore of League of Legends has hinted that one of the relationships will work while the other will turn rather bitter.

Arcane’s second act takes place years after the events of the first act. It focuses on a Piltover and Undercity and the changes they undergo following the death of Vander. The cities are now currently in control of Silco and his forces, with the Undercity becoming an increasingly dangerous place with Jinx roaming nearby.

Vi returns as Caitlyn demands her to due to her investigation requiring her presence. They form a bond across the three episodes after being released from prison. Some scenes hint that their relationship is romantic in nature.

In the lore of the original League of Legends, years after the events of Arcane, Vi and Caitlyn are frequent partners, with a buff titled “Piltover’s Finest” taking effect when they work together on the same in-game team.

The two characters, which have reached full maturity in the game, have a history of protecting Piltover together in the lore. The pair’s in-game counterparts can even share friendly — and also flirty — comments.

The lore explains that Caitlyn eventually becomes Sheriff of Piltover, a position currently held by Silco’s associate Grayson in Arcane, with Vi fighting evil by her side.

How season two sets up Arcane’s finale for Jayce and Viktor

Jayce and Viktor are both brilliant scientists and meet in the first act of Arcane. They work together until Jayce is expelled from the Academy for attempting to try and crack Hex-Tech. They become increasingly successful scientists in the final moments of the show’s third episode, where they are working together on new advancements for Hex-Tech.

A rift, however, begins to form between them as they start to differ in how they want to utilize the advanced technology. Jayce is against using Hex-Tech before they gain full control over it, while Viktor’s declining health turns him mad, with the latter seeking Singed’s help.

Riot Games’ official bio for Victor describes him as a frequent lab partner of Jayce. While Victor respects Jayce, they never become friends in the most genuine definition. Jayce’s bio, meanwhile, describes them as former friends who drifted apart due to a difference in opinion.

In the show, the two characters are portrayed closer from just friends, with Jayce describing Viktor as his brother and Viktor equally taking Jayce into high regard. However, Jayce’s eventual fame and rising power in Piltover start separating the two apart. The pair is clearly taking the path to their eventual in-game animosity.