League of Legends LEC Europe Weekend Matches

League of Legends action resumes this weekend in the most important European tournament and the odds are available on all 10 matches. The first game is scheduled to start at 5 PM UK time on Friday and the last will conclude more than 24 hours later, on Saturday, just before midnight. G2 Esports have won all 8 matches so far, while at the opposite end of the spectrum, Rogue are still searching for the first win. In between, there is clear balance between participating teams, so punters have great betting opportunities.

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G2 Esports and Schalke Favourites in All Matches

These two teams sit at the top of the standings, so not surprisingly, they are favourites against all their opponents this weekend. G2 Esports play on Friday against Misfits and are given odds of 3/10 to prevail, while that even bigger favourites on Saturday against Origen at 1/5. Misfits are currently in free fall and have lost half of the games, so ArcaneBet prices them at 23/10 against G2 Esports. They have a much better chance to win against Rogue on Sunday evening, but the odds on their win shrink to 1/4.

Origen will indeed have little chances to cause G2 Esports their first defeat of the season, as reflected by the odds of 3/1. On the other hand, they are well-positioned to defeat exceL eSports on Friday and are priced at 4/10 by Rivalry. Unlike their opponents who are likely to split points this weekend, exceL eSports seem to be heading to back-to-back defeats. They are unlikely to pick up their third victory of the season on Saturday, when they take on Splyce, a surging team.

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Fnatic and SK Gaming Seek Redemption this Weekend

Fnatic doesn’t look like the team that has played the World Championship final and things could take a turn for the worse. Their best chance to win for only the third time this season is on Saturday against SK Gaming, when Pinnacle gives them odds of 13/20. On Friday however, they play against a team that is at the opposite end of form and are clear underdogs against Splyce. Punters can expect odds as high as 3/2 which are definitely tempting for the World’s semi-finalists, while the favorites get 1/2.

SK Gaming were unlucky this weekend to play against experienced teams and they are underdogs in both games. In addition to the match against Fnatic, that they are expected to lose, they also have little chances against Team Vitality. In terms of odds, this game seems to be even more lopsided, with Team Vitality being priced at 7/20 by GG.bet, while SK Gaming gets 19/10. Without a doubt the most anticipated match of the weekend is the one between Team Vitality and Schalke, which looks like a coin flip. Schalke are favorites at 3/4, but we believe a bet on Team Vitality to cause an upset will pay at even odds.

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