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League of Legends Ranked Season 9 Starts on January 24

For more than a month, League of Legends action subsided for the vast majority of the players who preferred ranked matches. That’s because the eighth season ended in December and the new one was announced to begin on January 24. The wait is over and on Thursday, players who are competitive by nature and want to know that every game matters will embark on another quest. A new ranked season is about to begin and Riot Games has marked the occasion with an amazing teaser trailer.


What does the Ranked 2019 Season Bring?

All the familiar faces will be back and a new hero will join the lineup in a matter of weeks. All players will get a provisional rank after the first placement game and from this point onward, they can climb up the ladder. After all ten placement matches have concluded, players get a starting rank based on their performance, while new accounts begin at the bottom of the food chain.

The climb can prove long and tedious, but it’s definitely worth the effort because there are new rewards waiting at the end of the season. In 2019, players will accumulate Split Points that can be spent to unlock specific rewards and these will only get better for those who play over multiple splits. Each will last around three months, which means that the first one will conclude at the middle of April. Riot games has announced that at the end of the season, players will still be eligible for a Victorious Skin, as split points don’t have any impact on the final rewards.


Image Credits: Riot Games

New Position Ranks, Tiers and Divisions

There’s no better time to bring relevant changes to the game than immediately after a new ranked season starts. Players were immensely frustrated by the auto-fill function will be happy to know that now position ranks are based on the role they play. This means that they won’t lose points any longer if they have to assume an undesirable role because of the auto-fill feature. Players will still accumulate and lose points in off-matches, so everyone is still motivated to do their best.

For many months and even years, players unhappy with the performance of their teammates have insulted them as being iron players. Starting on Thursday, with the beginning of the new season, Riot Games will introduce a new tier, right Below bronze which goes by the name of Iron. At the same time, a new one will be added to make a swift transition between Master and Challenger. This change was necessary after the previous attempt of making Master + meaningful was largely unsuccessful. The new tier will be called Grandmaster, so those who care about titles will surely be happy to join this exclusive group.

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