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LEC Spring Split: Vitality secures playoff spot following victory over Astralis

After previously being defeated by G2 Esports in their Match of the Week for the League of Legends European Championship Spring Split 2022 regular season, postponing them from occupying a spot in the playoffs, Vitality secured the sixth and final spot after defeating Astralis on Sunday.

“It’s kind of like the ex-G2 gauntlet,” Vitality’s Perkz said in a post-match interview on the LEC broadcast. “I’m probably going to be facing one of my ex-teammates in each of the rounds, starting off with [Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle.] He got me good in the last best-of-one we played, but I’m kind of known to get a playoffs buff, so I’m really looking forward to playoffs.”

The playoffs are expected to start on March 25 as the LEC has announced that it will be taking a short break. In the first round of the playoffs, Vitality is scheduled to face Excel in the lower bracket. Meanwhile, Rogue, Fnatic, Misfits, and G2 are all placed in the upper bracket. These teams will need to concede defeats by two series to face elimination in the playoffs.

Defeated by G2

G2 Esports beat Vitality in their Match of the Week for the League of Legends European Championship Sprig Split 2022 regular season, postponing the latter of a spot in the playoffs., while securing themselves a spot in the top four of the regular season.

The match between the two lasted for 40 minutes. G2 came out victorious, securing a spot in the top four of the Spring Split Playoffs. G2 had a strong start. They claimed the first blood on Labrov, who advanced too far on the map. However, despite G2 having a kill advantage, vitality had other superior advantages throughout the first 15 minutes of the match.

Jankos’ great ability and BrokeBlade’s solo kills in the top lane, however, closed the gap quickly, allowing G2 to have the upper hand. The teams took each other’s tower. G2 took one in the bot lane, while vitality felled one in the top. G2 then managed to breakthrough Vitality’s defenses thanks to BrokenBlade claiming another solo kill and Caps recording a 3/0 score. 20 minutes into the game, G2 was leading by 5,000 gold and five kills ahead of Vitality.

G2 slowly pushed Vitality back, erasing their efforts on expanding their vision control on the map’s neutral objectives such as the Baron pit. Several technical issues forced the game to be paused several times. After the issues were resolved, G2 advanced to the Baron pit, where a fight then broke out.

G2 annihilated Vitality, letting only two of its members run away. G2 then continued focusing their attention on the Baron and took its team buff. They then went to the mid and top lane. When the time stamp showed that they were 35 minutes into the game, G2 was leading by 6,000 gold and six kills.

G2 took down Ocean Drake before also claiming Vitality’s last inhibitor. BrokenBlade then marched with the super minions towards their Nexus’ tower. A team fight once again broke out. It seemed at first that Vitality was winning but then G2 somehow managed to turn the table. Alphari was the last Vitality member standing to defend the Nexus. G2 then won the game.