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LoL caster LeTigress issues apology for inappropriate LCS monologue

League of Legends caster Gabby “LeTigress” Durden has apologized for the monologue she made before the match between 100 Thieves and Team SoloMid during an LCS broadcast on Friday night.

LeTigress delivered a segment on the official LCS stream that recapped much of the history between AD Carry Yiliang’s “Doublelift” Peng and his old organization.

The League community thought the segment didn’t have to discuss Doublelift’s feud with TSM’s management, even though it was intended to ratchet up the intensity of the match.

Doublelift’s public battle with his old organization and its leader, Andy “Reginald” Dinh, continued during his two years away from the League.

Riot Games conducted a full-scale inquiry into Dinh’s actions last year, leading to a $75,000 fine for the TSM CEO for his habit of insulting and harassing TSM players and staff members.

Dinh was investigated after dozens of TSM workers spoke out about their encounters with the 30-year-old entrepreneur. Their complaints were contained in a piece written by Mikhail Klimentov of the Washington Post and published in May 2022.

Since then, the franchise has been working to restore its reputation. Many LCS fans were uneasy about the league taking digs at an organization aiming to pick itself up in 2023 after a catastrophic 2022.

Letter of apology

In a letter posted on Twitter, LeTigress said that she understood how divisive her comment was and that her involvement had harmed some people.

Those people, the caster explained, had the right to express themselves, and she applauded those who did so respectfully. Due to the incident, LeTigress said she would find a new approach to providing commentaries in the future.

LeTrigress said she had been subjected to harassment and hostility since the episode aired. She told fans to remember that she is a person, not a thing fans can use to vent their rage.

Streamer Yiliang “Peter” Peng, commonly known as Doublelift, responded to her letter, saying that she should apologize to everyone subjected to “verbal abuse and workplace harassment.”

Then, he continued she should get rid of the useless strawman in which she still saw herself as the victim. He said that after doing so, it may truly “resemble an apology.”

Streamer Brian McCormick Kibler replied to both of them to defend LeTrigress. He said that Doublelift should know that the decision to air the piece was terrible and was the fault of the LCS broadcast crew as a whole.

LeTrigress only took the blame and had taken most of the community’s hatred. He explained that the kind of response from the AD carry would only exacerbate the situation.

LCS commissioner Jackie Felling has since replied to a message on the official League subreddit, indicating the league has been looking into the situation internally.

“We do feel like this was a miss and not in the direction we have been aiming to take LCS in terms of boosting up our teams and our new fun/entertaining approach,” Felling said.

At the time of the writing, Felling’s post has received many adverse reactions from the community, with 703 downvotes.

U/AirWalker1 wrote that instead of a comment on an 11-hour-old Reddit thread, the LCS should make a public statement and apologize to the team.