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LoL developer responds to complaint about MMR system in Ranked mode

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A developer at Riot Games, the creator of League of Legends, has responded to a player’s Reddit post about an ongoing issue in LoL’s Ranked Matchmaking Rating system.

A user by the pseudonym u/applecat144 created a post on the LoL’s subreddit explaining his discontent. They explained that a 66 percent win rate in the Ranked mode was usually enough for a player to last through an entire division. Moreover, a character with a win rate of over 60 percent should gain more LP per win than LP per loss.

Meanwhile, in the current state, a player with a 66 percent win rate earns 15 LP per win and an equal amount per loss. Players must also complete about 18 games to climb a ladder by just one division.

Furthermore, there are four divisions for each rank, meaning it takes a long time for players to conclude a rank. The difficulty hike is also affected by the two splits introduced this season, with players having to climb throughout the tiers while maintaining decent win rates before the season ends.

Riot developer u/BarackProbama said his team was looking to improve the Ranked mode using several approaches, including variance enhancement. They explained players who win several times and play more games in one night should be considered for a divisional boost.

The developer admitted that the team did not have a set schedule to execute these changes yet. Still, LoL players should know that Riot knew about the problems and agreed with the community’s input.

Fans and analysts predict that Riot may offer some incentives to encourage players to climb the rank ladder. According to players, the same issue happened in the previous season, but it was more manageable because the season was not split.

Backlash from LoL community

Since the Ranked mode is one of the most popular modes in LoL, its MMR issue has caused major dissatisfaction among players. This issue also adds to the backlash Riot has received from fans regarding its LoL management.

Players and popular figures in the LoL community have accused Riot of allocating more internal support for VALORANT and Teamfight Tactics (TFT). With less focus being put into LoL, the battle arena game has been on a downward track in the past few years. Data also showed that the game had been losing players.

Analysts said that resolving the MMR variation issue in the Ranked mode preventing critical in keeping high-Elo players and content creators from quitting LoL altogether. It will guarantee that these players continue to produce content for the game to extend its lifetime.

Riot was under fire at the start of the year because it did not provide clear information about when Season 13 would kick off. When the publisher later released the cinematic for LoL’s new season, the video received widespread criticism for departing from the traditional LoL cinematic.

The LoL creator has since apologized, explaining that there was an issue in the production process. Riot also asserted that it did not try to put LoL on the backburner due to the presence of its newer games.

Ping updates

Riot has announced an improvement plan for its ping system, the go-to option for team communication in LoL because the game does not have a voice chat feature. People have said LoL’s ping system is outdated, unlike VALORANT.

In the Preseason 2023, Riot said it would upgrade the current ping system and introduce new communication modes, namely vision pings and off-screen pings. According to Riot, off-screen pings will come to LoL with Patch 13.3, due to be released on February 8.