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Ludwig Ahgren joins Moist Esports as co-owner

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American content creator Ludwig Ahgren recently announced that he had joined Moist Esports as its co-owner. He now works alongside fellow YouTuber and Moist founder Charles Christopher White Jr, also known as MoistCr1TiKal or Moist.

In a video on Mogul Mail’s YouTube channel, Ahgren explained that his love for esports was the reason to partner with White.

“I believe in Charlie. He is a guy who I look up to. I like working with him, and an opportunity to work with him, even if it requires burning a lot of money, is one worth taking,” Ahgren said.

Ahgren said he and White were in an advantageous position as esports owners and deflected the criticism of esports organizations taking a significant amount of money while giving little in return. At the same time, he admitted that esports could be expensive to get involved in and said investors had many ways to get into the industry without spending too much.

“The cost of being in esports isn’t actually that bad,” he said. “That’s usually only for the tier one esports. If you sign a Smash player, they don’t cost that much.”

Ahgren said esports organizations could be profitable by packaging the teams to sponsors, promoting products and developing esports talents to sell to other organizations. He plans to do the same with Moist Esports, especially for the first part.

White established Moist Esports in 2021 and has already achieved great success. The organization has teams competing in several esports titles, including Apex Legends, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Rocket League.

One of Moist Esports teams won the Rocket League Championship Series 2021-22 – Spring Split major, while the Apex Legends team won some C and D-Tier tournaments.

Ahgren wants Moist to establish VALORANT presence

While Ahgren has not officially revealed his role as a co-owner, he said that the organization could expand its esports titles. Ahgren suggested that the organization could enlist VALORANT as one of the potential titles to enter.

“If I were to get a Valorant team or maybe if I were to make a robust Melee roster in addition to moky, I could name it something I want to,” Ahgren said.

Ahgren has been a long-time fan of VALORANT and recently co-organized two tournaments with Tarik “tarik” Celik. The first was the Lil Bro Cup in December 2022, and the other was the Ludwig x Tarik Valorant Invitational on January 14, 2023.

The invitational was part of the official Riot Games off-season tournament, marking the start of the 2023 VALORANT esports season. Four teams joined the event, and it had almost 200,000 viewers.

About Ahgren

Previously known as “The Golden Boy of Twitch,” Ahgren was a rising star on the purple platform. However, he transitioned to YouTube in late 2021.

In the same year, Ahgren said he had rejected an offer from an esports organization. At the time, he said he would “probably never will” form a partnership with an esports organization.

On December 11, 2022, Ahgren hosted the Mogul Chessboxing Championship, featuring the 12 biggest content creators on YouTube and Twitch. The event comprises seven chessboxing and two smash boxing matches.