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Microsoft restores Twitch streaming feature to Xbox dashboard

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Microsoft announced on Wednesday that it would restore the Twitch streaming feature back into the Xbox interface for all Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One players.

Microsoft withdrew its Twitch integration from the Xbox One console in 2017, several years after it was first implemented. Users who wished to stream from Xbox to Twitch could do so using the Twitch app in the meantime.

In the official announcement, Microsoft stated: “We’ve heard your feedback and are excited to bring back this fan favorite feature, re-engineered and better than ever.”

Although only accessible to Alpha members, Microsoft aims to spread Twitch connectivity to all users via a new dashboard update.

Brenna Duffitt, Software Engineer, Xbox Platform Services, revealed on Xbox Wire that “Xbox and Twitch are teaming up” to offer game broadcasting a three-step process that begins with integrating Twitch account.

Variety of functions

The Twitch streaming feature is comparable to the snap interface, which launched in 2014, and allows users to instantly start streaming their gameplay in the Xbox guide’s “Capture and Share” tab.

To stream, users must connect Twitch accounts by scanning the QR code with an iOS or Android mobile device or by visiting the URL. Then, a “Go live now” button will appear, allowing players to instantly go live and begin streaming their games.

Therefore, with Twitch connected, users may also plug in a headset and webcam. It is possible to stream any game that has been downloaded to the Xbox console and to switch games in the middle of the stream if needed. Microsoft added a pause screen that will appear while the new game loads and will seamlessly restart the live broadcast once it is finished.

Microsoft has introduced the option to regulate game and mic audio levels, as well as party chat, and headsets and webcams are supported. Users will now be able to modify both game and microphone audio, resolution and bitrate, as well as overlay location, under “More Options.”

Once the stream is live, viewers can watch it from any device that supports the streaming platform. Players who follow each other on the Xbox console will receive notifications anytime they go live. Users must go to the Xbox Notifications tab inside Preferences to configure their chosen live stream preferences.

New features to be released soon

The return of Twitch integration comes Microsoft’s move in 2016 to ditch its own game streaming service, Mixer, as a result of its acquisition of Beam Interactive. Mixer was discontinued in 2020, and users were directed to the Facebook Gaming service instead.

In addition to the Twitch integration, Microsoft stated that it aims to deliver new features based on user feedback soon, but did not specify what they will be.

In other news, Cyberpunk 2077 for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S has officially debuted accompanying patch 1.5, which offers ray tracing features, 4K with dynamic scaling, and speedier load times. Additionally, according to Microsoft’s gaming executive, Phil Spencer, Xbox Series X/S systems continue to sell quicker than any prior generation of Microsoft consoles.