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Money glitch giving players $1.3 million in Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Players of Call of Duty: Warzone 2 have been finding bugs and exploits since the game’s launch. Recently, they discovered an exploit in the new DMZ mode that grants them a maximum amount of in-game money.

The DMZ mode is a squad-based multiplayer mode in an open-world setting where players complete faction-based missions and collect loot. Players carry over the rewards they obtain to the next DMZ match and lose their loot permanently if eliminated.

Yesterday, Youtuber JGODYT shared a video on Twitter where he performed this simple but game-breaking exploit. First, players must stand in front of a weapon on a stack of cash. Then, they must position themselves before the money so the tooltip appears. Players must then look at the weapon and press the button to take the money, which will cause them to take up the gun. However, they will also receive $1.3 million.

The glitch also grants fellow party members the same amount of money. Strangely enough, when JGODYT performed the glitch, his party member received the money first before him.

It is unclear what causes the exploit. One likely scenario is that the action confuses the system and prompts it to grant players the maximum amount of cash.

Raven Software and Activision have not released any statement regarding the exploit. However, the bug should already be on their radar since the tweet has garnered over 10,000 likes. Other players have also tried the exploit and become millionaires in the game.

“I just did it in DMZ. I only picked up 600k though and not the million. It’s definitely not patched,” Twitter user ScrtGmrMn said.

One player speculated that the exploit might be server based.

“Tried a million things first server and nothing worked, instantly worked second server,” TrueGameData said.

Players buy M13B on eBay

While some players are eager to gain in-game money, others are happy to spend real-life cash to get the M13B Assault Rifle. The weapon is infamous due to how difficult it is to unlock.

Some players are also happy to help others obtain an M13B for real-life money. To get the weapon in the game, Players must find it in the DMZ mode and complete the match with the rifle in their inventory. There, players must enter the Radiation Zone, beat the armored Chemist boss and avoid being eliminated by other players and AI enemies.

Previously, the easiest way to beat the Chemist boss was by running it over using a vehicle. However, after November 22 update, any vehicle that enters the Radiation Zone will stall due to DDOS. The update forces players to fight the boss the traditional way. Another way to obtain the rifle is by looting other players who already have it in their inventory.

Some players want to avoid the hassle and buy one on eBay. The weapon costs around $6, which is very profitable considering that the seller can drop an unlimited amount of M13Bs.

According to the M13B description, the rifle can also be obtained via a Store Bundle. However, considering Activision’s tendency to overprice in-game items, players will save more money by buying one on eBay.