MrBeast announces $150k League of Legends wager match against Ninja

YouTube star Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson and Twitch streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevin have announced that they will engage in a best-of-three League of Legends wager match against each other in Las Vegas, Nevada, on July 9. The two internet personalities will build a team for a chance to win $150,000.

MrBeast announced the event on Wednesday, saying on Twitter, “Ninja has accepted my offer. $150,000 League of Legends best of three series, we’ll announce our teams soon”.

Ninja also took to Twitter to confirm his participation in the event, insisting that his YouTube counterpart would not be able to defeat him.

“It’s game time MrBeast!” he said. “You don’t stand a chance. See you in Vegas!”

Match schedule

The event will be broadcast live on the official Crown Channel Twitch handle on July 9 from 4 to 7 p.m. PT. The HyperX Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, will also host a live audience.

The Crown Channel uploaded a trailer for the event. Both content creators can be seen challenging each other in the video.

“We may or may not be throwing the ultimate gaming event soon,” the Crown Channel captioned the video.

“Show up for the @MrBeast vs. @Ninja battle on July 9. Streaming live only on Crown Channel! #UltimateCrown.”

The caption was made in reference to a tweet by MrBeast when he teased the event on June 11. Tagging NInja in a post on Twitter, MrBeast said Ninja sucked.

“I may or may not be hosting a League of Legends tournament soon,” MrBeast wrote. “Also @Ninja sucks.”

Ninja then responded to the tweet. He wrote, “I would literally dominate you in a league of legends match and it wouldn’t even be close”.

Fans and fellow streamers react to duel announcement

MrBeast and Ninja’s announcement became viral on social media. Other esports personalities flocked the tweets made by MrBeast, Ninja, and the Crown Channel.

Fortnite star Tfue, for example, said he would bet his money on Ninja.

“@MrBeast @crownchannel I got my money on ninja sorry jimmy,” he said.

Meanwhile, VALORANT professional player Hunter “BabyJ” offered Ninja a helping hand.

“Yo Ty lemme know if you need me to dominate the top lane. @Ninja,” he said.

League of Legends is an online multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) developed by Riot Games. The game is one of MrBeast’s favorite titles, and it is also one of the most popular esports titles in the world. MrBeast has often talked about professionally participating in the game by owning a team in the League of Legends Championship Series.

While whether he will run a team in the competition, he said earlier that he wanted to build his own team by 2023. It was rumored that former ADC Doublelift and Cloud9 mid-laner Nicolai Jensen was part of his plan.

On the other hand, while Ninja is more famous for his Fortnite streams, he has played League of Legends since 2014. The purple platform streamer is currently ranked as Diamond on the North American server, meaning that he is among the top two percent of players.