Nadeshot throws tantrum after Warzone 2 crashes multiple times

100 Thieves co-owner Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag threw a tantrum in a recent stream after Call of Duty: Warzone 2 crashed despite him playing on a state-of-the-art PC.

Warzone 2 was released on November 16 and received positive reviews from fans. However, like other Activision games, Warzone 2 has been plagued with multiple bugs and server issues since its release. Nadeshot also encountered many problems during his playtime to the point that he exploded after his game crashed.

“Dumba** f**king game bro. You sit here for f**king nine hours trying to do this sh*t, you get to the fifth f**king game, and my sh*t crashes on a f**king state of the art PC, 3090, i-f**king-9 maxed out, speced out, 5 grand on this f**king thing, for this dumba** f**king game to crash,” Nadeshot said.

Haag said he knew he sounded like a child for complaining, but he had been trying to make the game work for hours. The streamer also called out Activision for not fixing the bugs despite generating billions in revenue.

Nadeshot’s rant has gone viral on social media. CoD fans on Twitter expressed sympathy for the YouTuber, saying that they also experienced the same thing. Some suggested quitting the game if he hated it so much. One player said that it was fitting to see the video after having just had their game crash. Another fan criticized Activision for being picky about which bugs it fixes.

“But the second an XP glitch comes out, they send their technician to run to the HQ on Thanksgiving weekend and patch it,” Twitter user blazevspfister said.

Another player listed bugs that Activision had not dealt with, including Dev error 356, disappearing backpacks in DMZ and Operator Executions issues.

“I mean he’s not wrong they make so much money on this game they can’t afford servers or to release a game that is stable enough not to crash every 2 to 3 hours,” Twitter user BrutalTom_ wrote.

Warzone 2 bug allows players to equip infinite gas mask

Although the developer has promised to fix the numerous issues in Warzone 2, new bugs won’t stop popping up. Players recently discovered a bug that lets them equip a gas mask that never breaks down.

The “Unlimited Gas Mask” glitch could also be found in Warzone 1, which the developer had fixed. However, the same problem recently reappeared in Warzone 2 and DMZ mode.

To activate the glitch, players must have a medium or large backpack and equip a gas mask when they arrive in Al-Mazrah. Players then need to go to a stronghold and eliminate AI enemies. Next, players must find a golden weapon from defeated enemies. After that, players must drop the mask to the right side of the gun. Finally, players must retrieve the gas mask while looking at the weapon.

After stowing the gas mask in their backpack, it will have over 100 million lifetime percentage, which should last for the whole game. Another bug with a similar process was also recently found. However, instead of an infinite gas mask, players could obtain over one million cash. Infinity Ward fixed the money glitch within two days, which means the infinity gas mask bug will most likely disappear soon.