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Overwatch 2: Blizzard disables Mei over Ice Wall bug

Activision Blizzard announced Monday that it would temporarily disable Mei in Overwatch 2. According to community manager Andy Belford, the team is working on addressing a bug related to Mei’s Ice Wall ability that allows heroes to reach restricted locations.

The Florida Mayhem found a similar bug back in May. During a match against the Paris Eternal, the Mayhem used Symmetra and Mei’s abilities to reach the high ground. First, they put Ice Wall on top of a roof and then they used Symmetra’s teleporter on top of it.

The team could perform drop kills on their opponents with this illegal move. The Mayhem won the match, but Blizzard announced that the game had to be re-played because that exploit was not permitted.

“We are working to address these issues as quickly as possible and aim to bring Mei back in our next upcoming patch which is set for November 15. Thank you for your understanding and patience,” Belford wrote.

Reddit user u/DonlerOther has also reported other bugs related to Mei’s ability. Players can walk past, fall off and even fly through the Ice Wall. The wall also constantly fails to block damage from enemies. These bugs have yet to be listed in the known issues list.

Bastion, Torbjörn temporarily removed

Mei is not the first hero to be temporarily disabled from the game. Blizzard had to remove Bastion and Torbjörn because they were causing severe bugs on October 10.

Bastion was removed entirely over a bug related to the robot’s ultimate ability. The ultimate was supposed to allow players to fire three powerful blasts, but the bug had removed those limits, allowing players to shoot as many times as they like when the ultimate is active. On the other hand, Torbjörn was not completely disabled and could still be played in Quick Play. He was removed because players could use his Overload ability twice.

“Bastion and Torbjörn will be taking a quick trip to the workshop while we iron out a few bugs in their ability kits!” Overwatch’s official account tweeted.

Due to Bastion’s lengthy absence, some players made jokes where they acted as if the hero was dead. Players went wild on social media, saying they wanted some proof that the hero was alive. Others said they missed him.

“where is he @playoverwatch Bastion is innocent. We haven’t heard from him in 10 days, is he well. Is he being taken care of. Please respond,” one player tweeted.

One player created a missing poster for the hero, asking people to help them find their long-lost robot.

“Help Find Bastion!! He has been gone for 7 Days and We Miss him. @playoverwatch #Bastion #Overwatch,” one player wrote.

Another player even spent the time to write him a song.

“Bastion, now I know I was wrong. I messed up, and now you’re gone. Bastion, I’m sorry I neglected you. Oh, I never expected you to run away and leave me Feeling this empty. Your doo-woo right now would sound like music to me. Please come home, ’cause I miss you, Bastion,” Reddit user u/archiearcher wrote.

Some players went above and beyond, creating a conspiracy theory that Bastion had never existed in the first place. They said a Mandela Effect must have caused them to believe that there was a hero named Bastion in the game. Blizzard thankfully returned the two heroes on October 25 before players went even further.