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Overwatch 2 director almost reveals new campaign map

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Overwatch 2 game director Aaron Keller almost revealed a new campaign map while loading up the content for a recent Twitch Plays stream.

Keller realized he had the wrong map soon after loading it and said, “Oh, I don’t think this is it. Oh my god, I’m glad we’re not streaming this because it’s a campaign map.”

The Canadian then burst out laughing, joined by Overwatch 2 art director Dion Rogers and Overwatch community member Andy Belford.

“I don’t even know if I picked the right map because it doesn’t give you the name when you first put it in,” said Keller. “We’ll see if this works, if it doesn’t I’m sorry.”

Belford tried to divert the conversation away after recovering from the initial surprise and laughter to avoid revealing any secret information.

“So we’re going to change the subject quickly. And, yes, we’re relieved, Aaron, that you’re not streaming that,” Belford said.

Twitch Plays

The “Twitch Plays” format is currently popular. It allows streamers to connect a game to their stream and let their audience play by typing commands into the chat.

Map creation on stream isn’t new, but it is usually done by mod teams and indie designers rather than big triple-A blockbuster developers.

This Twitch session focused on assisting in creating a new Overwatch 2 map during its “Night of Merry Map Design” stream. “[We will] be using our internal tools to do this,” Keller said.

Before the stream, Keller apologized for his rustiness and asked the audience to be patient. He was excited to be streaming with Dion and the entire community. They hoped to make a map allowing their editor to use community feedback while also having fun.

Keller said, “Who knows? Maybe it’s something we’ll be able to play together in the future!”

@ZenofyMedia, a fan of the series, wrote on Twitter, “The potential in this map and the ideas behind it is CRAZY! Hope we actually get an underwater map for competitive modes too someday.”

Overwatch 2 Underwater Map

There have been several hints recently that the upcoming Overwatch 2 map may take place underwater at a location called “Atlantic Arcology.”

Redditor u/SonOfGarry recently pointed out that the Midtown and Esperança maps have train routes that mention existing maps as well as one that has yet to be discovered, which can be the location of this new Underwater Map.

Blizzard has previously used this method to tease maps and heroes, so it seems reasonable that the developer will do it again.

The Redditor also mentioned that “Arcology” can be defined as a “city contained within a massive man-made structure.”

Users also pointed out that during the Overwatch 2 beta, there was a location referred to as the “Pan-Atlantic Arco” on train signs — so apparently, Blizzard changed the name.

Overwatch fans may recognize an underwater map, as early concept art depicted “Galapagos” as a control point map that never truly existed.

Talon Headquarters Map

Talon is a terrorist organization that acts as the primary antagonist in Overwatch. Their main goal is to cause conflict in the belief that it strengthens humanity.

They’ve been operating in Europe as a mercenary force for almost as long as Overwatch, recruiting unsuspecting members and profiting from the Omnic Crisis and their plotted conflicts.

For years, the community has speculated on the existence and nature of a Talon Headquarters Map. It may finally see this map as an option in Custom Games in a future update.