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Overwatch 2 disables aim assist for console players in crossplay

Many Overwatch 2 console players have voiced their frustration that they are being prevented from using aim assist when competing against PC players, and they must first disable crossplay to use the feature.

Aim assist is a necessary feature for console players because controllers do not give players the ability to be precise and accurate. PC players, on the other hand, have the advantage of being able to aim accurately, allowing them to dispatch enemies with a single click of their mousepad.

As a result, Overwatch 2 console players will have a more difficult time competing against PC players. U/KellySweetHeart posted on the Overwatch subreddit about how crossplay disables aim assists for console players during matches with PC players, causing a “significant dip in their aim consistency” and ruining everyone’s fun.

“For some, it’s just an obstacle, but others just find less enjoyment out of the game being disadvantaged this way,” wrote u/KellySweetHeart. “It’s a total bummer because PC players already perform better on average, so it hits like a double whammy.”

“People don’t understand that disabling aim assist for some players makes them utterly useless in the PC Pool and it’s directly reflected in their game stats when they play,” u/KellySweetHeart told Kotaku.

One Redditor argued that disabling aim assist could be dismissed as a way to make competitive play more equitable between console and PC players, but another countered the argument, saying that competitive modes cannot be played in crossplay anyway.

Many Redditors who commented on u/KellySweetHeart’s post also agreed that aim assist should be enabled during quickplay games because the players are there for fun only.

“If they aren’t going to do that then at the very least let console players plug a M&K into their consoles and just matchmake via input device. (Other games do this just fine),” u/exmonk42 wrote.

Players also went on Twitter to express their disappointment that aim assist was disabled in crossplay for console players.

“Overwatch 2 having cross play enabled by default but controller players getting no aim assist of any kind is fucked up lol,” @heyitstae99 said on Twitter.

“The biggest issue I have with #Overwatch2 is the lack of aim assist when playing in PC lobbies. I am done playing with my friends on PC after today. Really love cross play in this game, soooooo fun,” another Tweet reads.

Improving aim for console and PC players

If console players do not participate in crossplay games, they can still use the aim assist by going to Settings -> General -> Controller, then they can find Advanced under the Controller section to see Aim Assist Strength, Aim Assist Window Size, Aim Assist Legacy Mode, Aim Smoothing and Aim Ease In.

In order to improve aiming in the game, console players can also set Aim Assist Strength to 100, set Aim Assist Window Size to at least 50, turn off Aim Assist Legacy Mode and set Aim Assist Ease In to at least 50. Console players also can set Aim Smoothing between 90-100 and turn off or set Aim Ease In between 0-5.

For PC players with a mouse and a keyboard, only the last two options are available. Overwatch 2 aim assist may influence how PC players play, as players report that mouse and keyboard aiming feels “floaty.”

Players can lessen the floaty feeling by setting Aim Smoothing and Aim Ease to 0. The game probably has a bug that transfers controller settings to the PC’s keyboard and mouse controls which causes the delay. Turning off these assist features should solve the problem.