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Overwatch 2 — How to fix ‘error starting a game’ bug, LC-202 error

Even a week after its release, Overwatch 2 is still plagued by a slew of bugs and other problems that prevent players from playing. Currently, two of the most perplexing issues are the “error starting a game” bug and the “LC-202” error. Here’s how to fix them.

The “error starting a game” message appears when there is a problem with the game files or servers. There are a few ways players can take to approach the problem and solve it.

• Update the game

– A version mismatch is one of the key causes behind the “error starting a game” bug. To solve this, players on PC can launch the Battle.net client and then choose Overwatch 2 from the Game Launcher. After that, they can navigate the options menu to check for the most recent updates.

Console users, meanwhile, can go ahead and select the game from the home page. The console will automatically update the game if a new version is available.

• Update the graphics driver

– After updating the game, PC players should also consider updating their graphics driver. To get the latest driver, AMD users can utilize the AMD Driver Auto-Detect Tool, while NVIDIA users can use the GeForce Experience app.

• Repair the Overwatch 2 game file

– If players are still experiencing problems, they may have corrupted game files in their system. To fix this, players must repair the Overwatch files by going to the Battle.net launcher, selecting the game from the library, and then going to settings.

Players will then be given the option to “Scan and Repair” the files, which will initiate a process that will check the game’s file integrity. After that, the process will repair or replace all of the game’s corrupted files.

• Close all background processes

– Many players have found that limiting background processes solves the problem. It should be noted, however, that while this will temporarily solve the issue and allow players to launch the game successfully, it is not a permanent fix.

• Uninstall and reinstall the game

– Players can also try uninstalling and then reinstalling the game on their system, which will usually solve the majority of the issues, especially if the problem is caused by faulty installation.

How to fix LC-202 error

The LC-202 Error Code appears in Overwatch 2 when the game fails to connect to the servers. Solving the problem is simple:

• Check whether the game’s servers are up and running

– The first thing players should do is to ensure that the game’s servers are in good working order. If the servers are down or have maintenance issues, players may have to wait until they are fully operational again.

• Examine the network configuration

– When starting the game, players should check their internet connection and ensure that no background downloads are running. To narrow down the problem, players can restart their modem, clear some cache to aid in the diagnosis, and then run the console’s in-built connection test.

• Exclude Overwatch 2 from the Windows Firewall.

– The error is most likely caused by the player’s in-built antivirus or Windows Firewall. In this case, players must open the Firewall and Network Protection settings on their Windows Security, then locate the game files and click “Allow on the app through Firewall.” They can use this to add the shooter to the Firewall exemption and start the game.

If players still encounter these errors after attempting the steps above, they can wait for the developers to release a patch that would resolve their issue or alternatively submit a ticket to the Blizzard Support team.