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Overwatch 2: Leak reveals abilities of new tank Ramattra

Information on Overwatch 2’s new tank, Ramattra, was leaked during a media conference in South Korea on November 14. Blizzard had revealed some of his lore and a little bit about his kit, but details about his abilities had not been known until the leak.

Ramattra has two forms ⁠— Omnic and Nemesis. In the Omnic form, the hero is a defender that attacks his enemies from a distance. When he shapeshifts into his Nemesis form, Ramattra gains a more aggressive move set. As a tradeoff for this damage boost, the hero becomes an easier target due to his large size.

“Originally a war machine, Ramattra shed his munitions for a shield to protect his people by promoting peace and tranquility,” Blizzard said.

“However, Ramattra’s story is one of hardships, trauma, and a magnified view of humanity’s harsh realities.”

A well-known Overwatch community member from Korea, Naeri, shared the translation for Ramattra’s full ability. In his Omnic form, Ramattra has the ability Void Accelerator. A left click fires a projectile in “a certain shape,” while a right click forms a barrier.

Ramattra’s E ability is named Vortex of Gluttony. This ability launches Nano Spheres which explode like a force field when they touch the ground. Enemies caught in the blast are dragged to the ground and have their speed reduced.

When players press shift, Ramattra shifts into his Nemesis form for around eight seconds. While in this form, he gains an extra 150 HP, increasing his total health from 450 to 600 HP. A left click makes the hero attack with his fists, causing a shockwave with each punch. A right-click increases Ramattra’s damage but reduces his movement speed.

Ramattra’s ultimate is called Destruction. It automatically shifts him into his Nemesis form and creates an energy zone around him. Enemies within the zone receive damage over time, and the zone persists until there is no more enemy inside it.

Naeri translated Ramattra’s abilities from Korean to English and said they might be different in the official English version later.

Overwatch 2 devs plan to release new support hero

Ramattra is not released yet, but the Overwatch 2 developers are already working on a new hero. Overwatch 2 Commercial Lead Jon Spector said the team planned to release a support hero after Ramattra.

“Hero development takes a long time. You have to come up with ideas from the beginning of development to the end. It starts with figuring out a concept that players can enjoy,” Spector said.

There is a high chance that the new hero will be similar to Mercy. Lead Hero Designer Geoff Goodman said that the team wanted to create new heroes not similar to Ana or Baptiste, who are aim-focused. Goodman also dismissed players who believed that Mercy was a low-skill hero.

“We want to make sure there are more ways to express your skill than just aiming. Mercy was a really early example,” Goodman said. “There is so much skill that goes into positioning yourself well and deciding when to Rez.”

Goodman said that adding more support like Mercy would allow players to make impactful and creative plays for their teams without putting so much focus on aiming.

“That’s definitely something we talk about a lot, and we’re looking at doing it more in the future,” Goodman said.