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Overwatch 2: New ninja healer Kiriko can block headshots by looking up

There does not seem to be an end to problems in Overwatch 2. Mei is temporarily removed from the game due to a “critical issue” with her Ice Wall ability. Now the new support hero, Kiriko, can block headshots by only lifting her head.

Kiriko is a ninja healer who uses a kunai as her weapon. Unlike Baptiste and Mercy, Kiriko can dish out decent damage on top of buffing her teammates. Previously, players could only obtain her through the battle pass. However, a massive backlash from the community prompted Blizzard to give her away for free.

The hero is somewhat fragile, having only 200 health points. However, a recent bug has made her a possible frontline fighter like Brigitte and Zenyatta. Twitcher streamer Flats found the exploit on November 15. He shot at the head of an enemy Kiriko using Widowmaker, but the headshots did not cause any damage until Flats shot her from the back.

According to Kotaku’s Levi Winslow, Kiriko’s arms protect her dome’s hitbox when she looks up. Players can exploit this bug by standing in front of a wall, shielding her back and making her invulnerable.

Players find exploits on Mercy

Mercy also has a similar bug when she casts her Resurrect ultimate ability. She raises her hands as she revives her dead ally, protecting her head. This is not Mercy’s only bug. Per Reddit user ilax300, when the healer uses her sitting emote, she can clip past the walls behind and under her. This bug can only be triggered on a specific spot on the Esperanca map.

The bug causes Mercy to be completely invisible to other players. Unless she accidentally got shot, the healer can stay on that spot until the end of the match.

Overwatch 2 players on Reddit believe that Mercy will be temporarily banned like Mei once Blizzard finds out about this exploit. Meanwhile, other players said that removing the healer was unlikely because of the hero’s popularity. It is more likely for the developer to remove the emote or disable the Esperance map until Blizzard finds a solution.

Mei’s return delayed

Mei was removed from Overwatch 2 on October 31 after players had found an exploit where she could use her Ice Wall ability to help a teleporting hero clip past the walls. Players could attack their enemies without receiving any damage.

Players have been waiting for her return, but the developer recently announced that there would be a delay for the mid-season patch. In the Blizzard forum, the developer said the patch would be delayed due to a “critical issue.” It’s unknown whether the issue is related to Mei or if it is a bigger problem.

“This delay also impacts the delivery of Overwatch League Viewership Incentives & Perks from the Postseason matches during the period between October 30 – November 4, along with the rotation of cosmetics in the Overwatch League shop,” Blizzard said.

Besides Mei, Bastion was also once benched due to a bug with his Ultimate ability. The exploit allowed him to use his mortar strike indefinitely, dealing devastating damage to his enemies. He was removed from the game on October 10 and returned on October 25.