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Overwatch 2: Players disappointed with expensive Halloween skins

The Overwatch community has expressed their latest disappointment towards the newly-released Overwatch 2, this time, on how Blizzard prices Halloween-themed skins.

Players are angry over the price of Halloween-themed skins this year, with one skin costing $26. Some fans call to boycott the game until Blizzard makes some changes about the outrageous pricing. Others call the move an “aggressive anti-consumer micro-transaction” and a “scam.”

In Overwatch 1, fans could buy 24 event loot boxes for only $20 and receive one free loot box at the beginning of the event. But players now need to spend $20 just for one skin on Overwatch 2.

Players could also buy any Halloween-themed skin during October, with older skins being discounted. However, they now have to purchase skins in a bundle or wait for the skins to be sold independently during a limited-time sale.

Some players defend Blizzard’s move, saying that the company needs to have a way to make money. They assert that the price is justified because the game is free-to-play and can afford to sell more expensive skins. Overwatch 2 skins come in different levels of rarity, from common to mythic. The skins released in the Halloween Terror 2022 event are legendary skins, the second-rarest in the game.

Other players disagree, saying that it’s only justified if only some skins cost that expensive, but it’s another matter if all skins cost $20 or higher. They insist that they have “every right to be outraged.”

Blizzard is currently offering five bundles that contain original Overwatch skins, with each bundle costing around $20. Players can also purchase skins with the Overwatch coins they get by playing, but they will have a hard time doing so. For example, the Kiriko bundle costs $26 or 2,600 Overwatch Coins. If players can only get 120 coins by playing for two weeks, they will have to play for 43 weeks before being able to buy the bundle.

Overwatch 2 offers new co-op mode

Besides offering new legendary skins, Overwatch 2 also launched a four-player cooperative PvE mode for Halloween Terror 2022 called Junkenstein’s Revenge: Wrath of the Bride. Similar events were launched during previous Halloween events in the prequel, but Blizzard expanded the maps and added more bosses this time.

Players will play as Ashe, Junker Queen, Kiriko and Sojourn while fighting their way through enemies on the streets of Adlersbrunn. This mode contains enemies such as zombie-like robots, gargoyle-Winston, Symmetra and Sombra.

The player’s main goal is to find the lord of a castle. They will have to solve puzzles, face some jump scares and encounter Echo, who is playing the role of a creepy marionette.

Unfortunately, players will not receive a lot of prizes for this year’s Halloween event. They will only get XP, voice lines, a weapon charm, sprays and one free Reaper skin. This is different from previous years, where players could obtain dozens of cosmetics on top of other prizes.

Blizzard also offers some free cosmetics for watching their Twitch streams during the Halloween event, which will end on November 6. Players must enable Twitch drops on their account to receive the rewards. Players will have to watch two hours of streams to obtain the Werewolf Winston Spray, and they need to watch four hours of streams to get the Werewolf Winston legendary skin.