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Overwatch 2 players want fewer ‘annoying’ Push mode games

Overwatch 2 players have requested that Blizzard reduce the frequency of the Push mode because they find it bothersome to enjoy the game with the mode active.

Eliminating map pools in Overwatch 2 has expanded the game’s tactical options. However, players have noticed that despite the reversal of the map pool, the Push mode has been appearing far too often, making the game feel repetitive.

Even the game’s director, Aaron Keller, has said Push has shown up much more than planned.

On February 10, Keller said it had been according to plan to make Push maps have “a higher frequency than other maps.” Regardless, they then implemented a quick fix to balance things out.

That said, players are still frustrated with the frequency of Push mode and have asked for another fix. After seeing Push mode appear more often than other modes in ranked play, Redditor u/Toukomymman requested that it be removed from the game.

U/Toukomymman said that although they knew map pools were no longer available in S4, enjoying this game had become increasingly difficult due to Push. The user added that Push wasn’t fun and annoying.

Another player commented and began venting their anger. They said that, at this point, they would pay money not to play Push. Other players also shared the same opinion, with one saying they would pay $100 to have the developers take care of it.

Many players in this discussion shared the same sentiments regarding Push, with the primary complaint being the mode’s spawn system.

Players also complained about the distance between the spawn place and the robot. One player calculated that it takes almost 45 seconds to get back into the action if they had no mobility choices.

The 45-second pause becomes a bigger issue when teams struggle because some players may need to be really patient to wait for their tanks or supports to return to action.

According to the comment, that was the reason why lagging squads must put in “additional effort” to catch up. One player agreed and said, “the time it takes to push the robot back to the center” is irrelevant.

They added that to grasp the dilemma, people must “imagine if, on a control map,” players had zero percent and the opposition team had 25 percent.

One player also suggested moving the spawn points closer to the robot’s location. Another proposed Blizzard implement something like jump pads or a speed boost for players.

Overwatch 2 new maps

In addition to the new Overwatch 2 characters and its revamped 5v5 gameplay, the game now has maps with Control, Hybrid, Escort and Push modes.

The new Push mode features a Rome-based Colosseo map, where players may do combat on the ancient theater as well as the city’s charming cobblestone streets.

Due to its contained nature compared to other Overwatch 2 maps, players can anticipate some gladiator-style combat and magnificent architecture in its courtyard gardens and little cafes.

Players can click the button to access Toronto’s New Queen Street in Push mode. Players can travel through the subway and Union Station or stroll the cold streets for a fight in any number of hip cafés, restaurants or bars, like underground Egg House.

In addition, players can jump over train tracks to reach the Museum of Technology or the curling rink quickly.

Meanwhile, the Push map Esperança is set in Lisbon, Portugal. Most DPS heroes can take advantage of the city’s long, wide avenues, perfect sniper sight lines and many indoor flanking paths.