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Overwatch 2 PvE story mode not to arrive anytime soon, dev confirms

The Overwatch 2 community has been waiting for PvE content for a long time, but they will have to wait some more. According to Overwatch 2 executive producer Jared Neuss, the game will not receive any PvE content anytime soon.

Neuss was retweeting a tweet from the official Overwatch account, announcing that Season 2 details and Ramattra gameplay will be revealed shortly. He said the upcoming season would feature many “fun stuff” and that the development team is happy to hear players’ feedback.

One player asked if they could expect any updates regarding the upcoming PvE. Neuss said the team would focus on Season 2 for the time being.

“We’ll be talking about PvE and other highly anticipated features in the future but you may have to wait a bit. I know that’s not a super satisfying answer, but I honestly can’t say more,” Neuss said.

Fans are undoubtedly disappointed by the news. Some are happy to wait and let the developers take their time. However, others are questioning Blizzard’s move — or the lack of it. Twitter user JinxWrecksStuffs said that this was Blizzard’s attempt to make the game exclusively PvP like Fortnite.

“Its time to accept that they are slowly giving up on PVE being their main hook. All they want is: to see what is the optimal way they can run PVP while getting players to spend money on the battle pass & skins,” JinxWrecksStuffs said.

Some players disagreed, saying that Overwatch 2 took so long to develop because the team focused on making a PvE mode.

“They wouldn’t give up at the last minute and release something rushed. Plus they already said it will come out in 2023, it’s not surprising if they don’t talk about it now,” Twitter user Revali_Kai said.

Others believe that PvE will arrive in February or March at the earliest. Twitter user urboysoren was not surprised that the PvE had not been released, saying that Blizzard often missed deadlines.

“I guess we’ll be seen my PVE in 2024,” urboysoren said.

Blizzard releases new skin

While PvE content will not be released soon, Blizzard has been quick at dropping new skins for Overwatch 2. The developer recently dropped a new bundle in the in-game store containing the Constable Tracer skin.

With the skin, Tracer dons an outfit inspired by British cop uniforms. She has a twirly mustache often seen on Victorian British men. The bundle costs $10 and includes a police badge weapon charm and a spray showing Constable Tracer exiting a police box.

Blizzard is fond of releasing police-themed skins. In 2017, the Officer D.Va skin was released in the original Overwatch. She wears a casual police outfit while her mech shifts into a cop car.

In 2019, the developer dropped the Riot Police Brigitte skin. This was a bold move, considering that in May 2019, trust in police in the U.S. was at an all-time low after chains of police brutality against people of color.

Kotaku’s Alyssa Mercante said Blizzard wanted to imply that Overwatch characters are cops who become vigilantes. In the lore, the Overwatch organization was disbanded after facing many allegations, from corruption to negligence. It is easy to draw similarities between real-life police and the Overwatch organization.

“Blizzard could choose to keep the “cop” bit quiet, but seems determined to shout it from the rooftops of King’s Row—ya know, the place where the cops were sent to violently quell an uprising,” Mercante said.

Overwatch fans disagreed with Mercante saying that the skin was merely a cartoonish parody of a British cop. Others said Kotaku desperately wanted more clicks, so they invented unnecessary “controversy.”

“Don’t bring your U.S. political issues and expect them to apply to every other country,” one fan said.