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Overwatch League and Fanatics Sign Major eCommerce Deal

Blizzard continues to actively promote Overwatch League the biggest tournaments celebrating its flagship eSports game. 2018 has been a great year for the fans of the game and the next season promises to set new and impressive milestones. The Overwatch League is also expected to benefit from a recently signed deal with Fanatics that grants the omnichannel retail fan gear manufacturing rights. This is a multiyear accord with the global leader for licensed sports merchandise and most likely, a mutually beneficial agreement.



More High-Quality Products for the Fans

Overwatch players will be the direct beneficiaries of this agreement, as they will benefit from an influx of high-quality merchandise. Fanatics is an industry leader and the agreement signed with the Overwatch League will allow it to provide players with jerseys, fan gear, headwear and many other branded products. These will be sold across wholesale channels as well as retail, but also a global e-commerce and mobile shopping platform ran by Fanatics.

The newly signed deal comes at the best possible time, as the Activision Blizzard Esports Leagues have gained a lot of traction in recent years. Fanatics were chosen for their unmatched expertise, proven track record and ability to supply top-quality products to a broad audience. The company uses a vertical manufacturing model, which makes it ideal for producing and distributing the high end fan gear sought after by Overwatch League players and fans.

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Overwatch Remains Blizzard’s Main Focus in 2019

The Blizzcon controversy regarding the upcoming Diablo mobile game is still very much alive in the minds of Blizzard players. Overwatch fans though, have nothing to worry about, as the game continues to remain the top priority for the game development company. As the number of people watching the flagship competition continues to grow, so is the interest for branded merchandise. Fanatics have the resources and expertise to provide fans from across the globe with a wide assortment of products.

The agreement was signed in the first week of December and it will be implemented in early 2019, well before the beginning of the new Overwatch League season. The deadline is set for February 14 and by that time, players should be able to purchase branded Overwatch League gear from Fanatics’ shops as well as the dedicated e-store. New teams have joined the competition, so it comes as no surprise that the first gear released will be dedicated to the new expansion teams. Players will be able to purchase branded merchandise celebrating Atlanta Reign, Chengdu Hunters, Guangzhou Charge, Hangzhou Spark, Paris Eternal, Toronto Defiant, Vancouver Titans, and the Washington Justice.

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