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Patch 8.23 Brings Big Changes and a New Champion in League of Legends

League of Legends players are anxiously waiting for a new ranked season to begin, but for the time being, they get to practice a lot in preseason. Riot tries to keep them excited and hungry for more, in anticipation of the big changes forecasted for the new season. Patch 8.23 has arrived and it brings sweeping changes, aimed at overhauling the entire gaming experience. On top of it all, a brand-new champion was announced and it steps into the spotlight, with an unmistakable charm and unique game mechanics.

What is Patch 8.23 All About?

Not surprisingly, runes were once again at the cornerstone of the changes ushered in by patch 8.23. New ones have been added and now players enjoy more freedom in choosing the runes stats, at the beginning of each game. Many of the existing runes have also been altered, including some of the most popular ones such as Kleptomancy, Overgrowth, Dark Harvest and Celerity to name but a few.

Amateur players know all too well that teammates need a lot of convincing when it comes to placing wards to secure vision across the map. At a professional level though, players do it all the time and that’s why developers found it worthwhile to nerf the wards. It is only possible to hold a maximum of two control wards in your inventory and all of them last less at higher levels.

Riot also decided to tweak some of the items, including the starting one called Doran’s Shield, whose health regen was reduced. Guinsoo’s Rageblade was also changed, to grant armor and magic penetration, in exchange of removing the extra AP and AD. Teleport is one of the most popular summoner’s spells, but in the wake of patch 8.23 it will lose some of its shine as it can no longer be canceled.

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Neeko, The Curious Chameleon has Arrived

The new patch also brought about a new Champion and Neeko, The Curious Chameleon is one of the most original in game. This mage is highly versatile, but likely to be used on mid lane, but she will be particularly useful when ganking unsuspecting opponents. While players will have to wait until the next patch to actually play this new champion, since it’s unveiling, she generated a lot of enthusiasm.

Neeko’s passive ability goes by the name of Inherent Glamour and allows it to appear as an ally champion, until she inflicts or takes damage. The “Q” ability is called Blooming Burst and it is a targeted area that deals damage if it lands on an enemy or neutral monster. The Shapesplitter ability is the “W” and it passively deals bonus damage with the third attack, while when used in makes the champions invisible.

Tangle-Barbs is Neeko’s “E” ability, and it looks like a magical spiral that is hurled towards opponents, to deal damage and briefly root them. Last but obviously not least, the ultimate is called Pop Blossom and when it hit opponents, it stuns them and deals a lot of damage.


Image Credits: Riot Games