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Penta Amateur League concludes its first month, announces Valorant as title for November

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Indian gaming and esports company Penta Esports recently announced the conclusion of the first month of its amateur league. The October league featured World Cricket Championship 3 on mobile and Gran Turismo Sport on PlayStation 4 and 5.

Shrey “Hackershrey9” Aggarwal became the top winner for World Cricket Championship 3. Meanwhile, Aditya “The_Ancient_Pleb” Raghav won the Gran Turismo Sport championship with a total of 60 points. Both winners bagged INR 100,000 (about $US 1,341), while second to eighth winners shared INR 500,000 (about $US 6,715) in combined prize.

The final day of the playoffs was opened with a musical performance by Indian indie artist Gamini.

“The objective with this league is to provide aspiring esports athletes with a platform to showcase their skills, kickstart their journey and bring them to the spotlight,” said Penta Esports co-founder and head of esports Kiran Nojibail.

The league will be featuring Valorant this month. Players can compete for the prize pool of INR 500,000 (about $US 6,715), and registrations are open until November 10 on pentaesports.com.

The qualifying round will run from November 13 to 21. Playoffs will be streamed live on several platforms, including Penta’s Facebook page and Youtube Channel, from November 2 to 28.

Penta Esports also provides a platform to support players looking for a team and vice versa. Interested athletes can head to Penta Esports Facebook Page and follow the instructions to gain new teammates.

For Amateurs and Semi-Professionals

“Penta Amateur League” is a league for amateurs and semi-professional esports athletes and teams. The games chosen for the tournament will cover multiple devices, including PC, console, and mobile titles. Season 1 of the league kicked off in October 2021 and will run throughout March 2022. A total prize pool of INR 3,000,000 (about $US 40,310) is on the line.

Newgen Gaming and Penta Esports also launched a platform for all things Penta. From match schedules and results, VODs of tournaments and leagues, contents, news, announcements, and many more, are available on pentaesports.com. This platform will serve as a bridge for Penta Esports and partners, publishers to players.

“We’ve been working on this platform for a while, and it is now available for everyone,” said Penta Esports CMO Akshay Paul.

Players who wish to discover and register for various esports tournaments can also access the platform, which allows users to create recruitment posts and find the right athlete for their teams. This way, more players can participate in tournaments for team-based game titles like Valorant.

To celebrate the release of the platform, Penta Esports held “Penta Challenge – Valorant” with the support of Facebook Gaming and Trinity Gaming. The tournament ran from October 5 through 24 with a total prize pool of INR 500,000 (about $US 6,715). Enigma Gaming emerged as a champion of the tournament, with Team XO and True Rippers in second and third place.

Penta Esports was founded by Anurag Khurana, Kiran Noojibail, and Akshay Paul in 2021. They aim to become an all-in-one destination for esports in the country and the world.