The Pinnacle Cup CSGO Overview

The Pinnacle Cup is a groundbreaking esports event with a whopping $100.000 prize pool, featuring teams from all around Europe. It came to life as a result of a fruitful partnership between Relog Media, GRID and Trustly. In a month-long tournament, starting from March 3rd and until April 4th, the 32 participating teams will be fighting their way to the Grand Final to decide the winner of the tournament.

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Watch The Pinnacle Cup Live

The Pinnacle Cup is being broadcast on Twitch in three different languages in order to accommodate their wide audience:

The Pinnacle Cup Tournament Format

The Tournament is separated into three individual stages – the Play-In, Swiss Stage and Playoffs. 


Play-In stage is a single-elimination bracket with 16 teams competing to qualify for the Swiss Stage. The opening matches are Bo1 and the winners continue into a second round of Bo3 matches where 4 teams will emerge victorious and proceed into the next stage of the tournament, along with 12 other teams who received direct invitations.

Swiss Stage, as the name suggests, will feature a swiss-system format with 16 teams in total. All the matches will be played as Bo3, and this time, a total of 8 teams will proceed into the final Playoffs stage. This format uses scores to pit teams against each other, and as such, it gives everyone an equal opportunity to progress further into the tournament

Playoff Stage is another single-elimination bracket where four teams will receive a direct invite into the Quarterfinals, while the remaining eight proceeding from the Swiss Stage still have to fight in the first round of matches. Once the Quarterfinals conclude, the tournament enters the final stage leading into the Grand Final.

The Pinnacle Cup – Let’s take a look at the teams

There will be a total of 32 teams competing in the tournament, but only eight of those will make it all the way to the Playoffs, not counting the four direct invites. It will be a difficult road ahead, and only the toughest will persevere. The tournament features a good mix of teams, and the fans of CS:GO will have an entire month of quality action ahead of them.

Two out of four directly invited Playoff teams have already been revealed – FunPlus Phoenix and Gambit Esports. Both of these teams have a massive advantage right off the bat, considering how they get to skip two out three stages of the entire tournament. 

Gambit Esports, formerly known as Gambit Gaming, is a CS:GO powerhouse coming from Russia. These guys have a long history in CS:GO, starting all the way from 2016, and have accumulated an immense amount of experience which makes them one of the scariest teams in this tournament. The Gambit crew is rampaging through the CS:GO scene right now and there’s no sign of them slowing down. Just recently, they’ve won the Intel Extreme Masters XV – World Championship and took a massive $400.000 prize pool with them. Seeing how they dismantled in the Grand Final, it’s safe to say that this squad is very likely to take The Pinnacle Cup as well. If you’re looking for a team to bet on then Gambit Esports might be a good choice.

FunPlus Phoenix is another team who received a direct invite into the final stage of the event. As opposed to Gambit Esports, this is a relatively fresh squad. This esports organisation is well-known for their League of Legends teams, but recently they’ve entered into Valorant as well as CS:GO. Despite the relatively recent entry into CS:GO, this crew should not be underestimated. They’ve started off 2021 with a bang, taking the 2nd spot during DreamHack Open January 2021: Europe and later winning Snow Sweet Snow #1, where they beat Gambit Esports out of all teams. These guys mean business, and could easily cause an upset and seize an unexpected victory.

How to bet on The Pinnacle Cup

If you’re following the tournament and wish to place a few bets to try your luck, Pinnacle has got you covered. They have created a dedicated section specifically for The Pinnacle Cup event where you can find the best odds and a large variety of betting options. Just make sure to bet safely and responsibly.


The Pinnacle Cup – who to bet on?

It’s always tricky to decide who you should bet on, especially in a situation like this where there’s 32 teams to choose from. When it comes to the Quarterfinals, the four directly invited teams gain an edge by default, but even then there’s no guarantees. Gambit Gaming have a great chance of winning, but they are accompanied by FunPlus Phoenix, a team with less experience who actually beat them in a previous tournament. While Gambit seems like a safe bet, it’s gonna be anyone’s guess if both teams proceed into Semifinals and end up facing each other.

There’s quite a few interesting teams among Low Seed Invites, such as Apeks and CPH Flames, who have both already qualified for the Swiss Stage. On the other hand, the High Seed Invites feature some incredible teams such as the 2016 Epicenter champions Dignitas, the UK powerhouse Endpoint and the Swedish giants GODSENT with a newly signed, full Brazilian roster. Overall, the team pool is quite exciting, and there’s a good amount of betting opportunities.

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