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Players can buy Overwatch 2 skins by playing WoW, Reddit user says

Reddit user u/Everdale has thought up a creative way to buy Overwatch 2 skins. He posted a theory on the Overwatch subreddit, saying that it was quicker to buy Overwatch 2 skins by playing World of Warcraft than earning in-game currency by playing the game itself.

The user explained that players could exchange World of Warcraft’s in-game gold currency for WoW tokens. Players could then trade the tokens for Battle.net balance and use the balance to buy Overwatch coins to purchase Overwatch 2 skins.

Players can use two methods to buy Overwatch coins. First, they can obtain coins with real money, with 100 coins costing $1. Players can also earn coins for free by completing weekly challenges, giving them 60 coins per week. Epic skins usually cost 1,000 coins or $10, which means players will have to play for 17 weeks before they can buy one skin. Legendary skins are more expensive, requiring them to grind for 32 weeks before earning 1,900 coins for one legendary skin.

According to Polygon’s Oli Welsh, the theory is sound, but it’s not that simple. He insisted that players usually could convert one WoW Token into a $15 balance through the in-game auction house. However, this price fluctuates according to demand. Welsh used the lowest rate the past month, 210,000 gold per Token. That means, to earn 100 Overwatch coins, players will need to get 14,000 gold.

Welsh said there were several ways to earn gold quickly in WoW. Players can be traders but will need a lot of gold before starting. There are suggestions in the Reddit thread that u/Everdale started. One user suggested that players could sell “boosts.” This method is suitable for high-level players who don’t mind helping newer and low-level players to complete Mythic dungeons.

Another user said that they could passively earn 15,000 gold per day through asynchronous mission tables, where players send minions to do missions while they’re not playing. However, the grinding tables require eight leveled-up characters.

Welsh asserted that for u/Everdale’s theory to work, Overwatch players would need to be established WoW players. Those who are not already WoW players can try to level up a character to max level, but it will require a lot of time, and WoW is not free, unlike Overwatch 2.

“You will also be taking resources out of the game — resources you might prefer to spend on your actual WoW characters than on a skin in a different game,” Welsh wrote.

“In short, you’ll most likely be having a less fun, less rewarding time playing WoW — unless you are one of those players for whom gaming the system is the most fun of all.”

Overwatch 2’s expensive skins

Players have been complaining about Overwatch 2 skin prices, with some calling for a boycott. They claim that Blizzard is overpricing the cosmetics sold in the game’s shop. One weapon charm even costs more in-game than its physical version. Reddit user u/hi_im_redbeard bought a keychain based on a weapon charm which cost only $5. In contrast, the in-game charm costs 700 coins or $7.

Overwatch 2 has been under further scrutiny with the release of the Halloween Terror event. Players previously could receive many seasonal cosmetics for free from loot boxes in Overwatch 1. However, in Overwatch 2, players must spend money to obtain many new cosmetics.

“Just a reminder please don’t buy the $20 Overwatch skins! If no one buys them and blizzard isn’t making money they’ll have to change their aggressive anti consumer micro-transaction. Those skins are beautiful but not worth 20 dollars,” one player tweeted.