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PMGC 2021: Top 16 West, East teams qualify for League Finals

The PUBG Mobile Global championship 2021 (PMGC), organized by Tencent Games and the PUBG Corporation, will be the biggest PUBG Mobile event of the year.

A total of 40 teams have competed in the PMGC East and West divisions with five days of competition each week. The first two days featured an all-out battle between all 20 teams, followed by three days of Super Weekend, which pitted the week’s top 16 teams against one another for championship points.

The 16 teams with the highest points after three Super Weekends will advance to the division final, where they will compete for a spot in the grand final.

The East Division

Thailand’s Infinity maintained their dominance until the final days of the East competition, finishing first with a massive 506 point in 45 games. The team outscored the second-placed Genesis Dogma by a whopping 97 points with 11.6 points per game on average.

With 409 points, Genesis Dogma GIDS finished second in the league. In three weeks, the team averaged roughly 136 points, demonstrating why they were one of the finest teams in Indonesia. The team will try to maintain the same level of play in the East League Finals.

The Mongolian team Stawlwart Esports finished third in the League Stage. The team which is known for its ferocity scored 387 points in three weeks. Despite only obtaining three Chicken Dinners in 45 matches, the team’s steady top placing and excellent frags contributed to a podium finish.

Nigma Galaxy, MS Chonburi, and 4 Rivals all finished fourth, fifth, and sixth in the league, respectively. This achievement would have given these clubs a lot of confidence, which they would aim to repeat in the League Finals.

DRS Gaming from Nepal, who missed the last Super Weekend, qualified for the tournament in 15th place. While the defending champions of the PMGC, Nova esports from China was on the verge of being eliminated but survived in 16th place.

Despite being in the top 20 in the standings, four teams did not qualify for the next round. One of Thailand’s best teams, Faze Clan, was eliminated from the competition. The team failed to qualify for the first Super Weekend, which was their first defeat in the league.

Strong performance in the second Super Weekend was proven not quite enough for Faze Clan, the team’s performance waned as they got into early gunfights in the third. They must go back to the drawing board and find out what went wrong, with the goal of returning stronger next year.

In the first Super Weekend, the Nepali team, Deadeyes Guys, seemed well positioned, but ultimately fell under pressure when it counted the most. In the future, the team will want to use what they learned from the league to improve their game.

Following Thailand and Nepal, after a string of terrible performances, China’s Tong Jia Bao Esports and Japan’s BC Swell were also eliminated from the competition

The West Division

The PMGC 2021 League State West has also come to a close with Rise Esports, a Brazilian team, winning the three-week competition with 446 points. Alpha7 Esports, a fan favorite and another Brazilian team, finished second after falling only three points shy of first place. A7 was the most consistent team in the league, winning six Chicken Dinners.

Unicorns of Love, a Western European team, finished third with 417 points after a strong league stage. Turkey’s S2G Esports, who had been in first place until the second Super Weekend, fell to fourth place in the final standings with 411 points.

A slow start did not stop Besiktas from finishing 7th overall, with then and nine frags, the team won the second and fourth rounds.

The Pittsburgh Knights and Turkish giant Futbolist finished fifth and sixth respectively after a difficult start. While fan favorites Ghost Gaming and Natus Vincere dropped to 10th and 12th place, after missing the third Super Weekend.

With 13 and nine kills, Buluk Chabtan won the first and third matches. By winning these two games, the team was able to move out of the danger zone and into the 13th position.

SuperMassive Blaze qualified for all three SWs, however, their poor performance in the preliminary rounds hampered their chances of qualifying. Black Dragon Esports got off to a good start, finishing seventh after the first SW, but they couldn’t keep it up in the following weeks and were eliminated.

Xset, the North American champion, and Team Queso, the Argentian powerhouse, both had disappointing seasons and were no match for the other teams. Xset was unable to qualify for two Super Weekends, while Team Queso was unable to participate in any of the Super Weekends.