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PMPL South Asia 2022 Spring: 10 teams qualify for the PUBG South Asia championship

Mongolia’s Stalwart Esports won the PMPL South Asia 2022 Spring following a series of dominant plays, Including 104 kills. The side tallied 234 points with 4 chicken dinners. A strong performance on the third day earned them the title.

Trained To Kill (T2K) was closely followed by Deadeyes Guys with 215 points. IHC Esports, who was in the top spot after day 2, dropped to third place after a poor start.

DRS Gaming finished in eighth place and High Voltage in ninth place. Venom Legends and Savage had catastrophic finals as they earned only 52 and 56 points in their 18 matches.

The third day began with the Nepali team Deadeyes Guys winning the first match in Erangel with a 15-kill chicken dinner. Second and third place went to SA and JayanMaara, respectively. Mousham “Turulove” Gurung was named MVP for his six frags.

Stalwart Esports defeated Skylightz Gaming and DRS in the final circle, earning them their third chicken dinner with 13 eliminations. DRS and Skylightz Gaming took seven and ten kills, respectively. The MVP was Burenbayar “TOP” Altangerel of Stalwart with six finishes.

T2K won the third match on the Sanhok map with 17 kills. Stalwart also performed well as they came in second with seven finishes, while Elimentrix claimed the third spot with four frags.

With 19 kills, 7Sea Esports earned their first chicken dinner. The team’s top player, Maher “MEMO” Mohammed, inflicted nine eliminations. Stalwart and Vibe held onto their second and third places with five and two kills each. T2K and Deadeyes Guys had a tough match, with each scoring one point.

Stalwart won in Miramar with 13 finishes in the fifth match, another proof that they were among the best teams in the world. IHC, on the other hand, had another lousy match, earning only two points.

Deadeyes Guys and T2K put on an action-packed final fight near Erangel’s Rozhok. 15 finishes gave Deadeyes the victory.

PMPL South Asia 2022 Spring’s top teams will advance to the South Asia championship.

Teams advancing to PMPL South Asia Championship

1. Stalwart Esports

2. Deadeyes Guys

3. Trained To Kill

4. IHC Esports

5. JyanMaara

6. Skylightz Gaming

7. Seal Esports

8. DRS Gaming

9. High Voltage

10. Phantom Esports

ION Esports wins PMPL Indonesia 2022 Spring

Meanwhile, ION Esports has been crowned champion of the PMPL Indonesia 2022 Spring. Over the course of 15 matches, the top 16 teams competing in the championship gave all they had. PUBG MOBILE Esports congratulated the squad on Twitter, saying, “Congrats to ION ESPORTS for becoming the Champion of PMPL Indonesia Spring 2022. Can’t wait to see their excellent performance in the future!!”.

It was the consistent gameplay of ION Esports that secured the title. The team tallied 214 points in the finals, thanks to 66 bonus points and 69 kills.

With 212 points, EVOS Reborn finished in second place. Two days of finals put them at the top. The final day, however, did not go as expected, and they ended up as runners-up.

The top three teams in the tournament are qualified for the SEA Championship, while the fourth through sixth seeds will head to the play-ins.

Teams that qualified for the SEA Championship:

1. ION Esports

2. EVOS Reborn


Teams that qualified for the SEA Play-ins:

1. Bigetron RA

2. NFT Esports

3. VOIN Victory