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Pokemon reveals Pokemon Scarlet, Pokemon Violet, alongside anime series adaptation

The Pokemon Company announced Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet on February 27, 2022, which is also celebrated as Pokemon Day following the initial launch anniversary of Pokemon Red and Green in Japan.

Scarlet and Violet are set to release in late 2022 and will serve as upcoming open-world RPG Pokemon games by developer Game Freak. Both games will introduce a new region to players, brand new starter Pokemon, and playstyle.

From the reveal trailer video, Scarlet and Violet have a striking resemblance to Pokemon Legends: Acreus. The only differences between the two are regions, starter Pokemon, and time settings.

Details so far, locations, new Pokemon starters

The reveal video provides players with the games’ new areas where the city is vibrant and filled with flowers. Windmills, hillside location, and overall architecture style further suggest that the new location is set in the games’ version of Spain.

“Trainers can explore an open world where various towns with no borders blend seamlessly into the wilderness. Pokémon can be seen everywhere in this wide-open world—in the skies, in the sea, and on the streets,” the franchise’s official statement reads.

In addition, the new games offer an overall Mediterranean feel, and one building, in particular, draws heavy influence from Sagrada Familia, a basilica in Barcelona, Spain.

As mentioned previously, unlike Acreus set in the distant past, Scarlet and Violet on the other are set in modern times. There are not many details about the story of both games, but fans of the Pokemon franchise should expect the games to put heavy emphasis on collecting as many Pokemons as possible seeing the open-world and RPG progression system the game offers.

Players might expect customization in Scarlet and Violet as they will be able to have different outfits similar to any other open-world RPG titles.

“As one of the main characters, trainers will jump into the world of Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet to begin their adventure, where they will have a different outfit depending on which game they are playing,” the statement continues. “Trainers will then choose either: Sprigatito, the grass cat pokémon, Fuecoco, the fire croc Pokémon, or Quaxly, the duckling Pokémon to be their first partner Pokémon before setting off on their journey.”

The reveal trailer also shows new three Pokemon starters at the start of the game such as Sprigatito (grass-type cat pokemon), Fuecoco (small size fire-type alligator), and Quaxly (water-type duck wearing a hat). The developer team is yet to release any information about evolutions for these three new starters.

Additional news from live stream

Pokemon Go will feature more Pokemons from the Alola region of the Sun and Moon games such as Litten, Rowlet, and Popplio.

Acreus gets a brand new free major update titled Daybreak and is already made available for players to enjoy right now.

The Pokemon Company chief operating officer Takato Utsunomiya added the new update will focus entirely on an investigation of a phenomenon, in his words “a curious phenomenon that is causing mass outbreaks of Pokemon across the Hisui region”.

The Hisui region in Acreus also will be getting an online anime series adaptation released later this year.