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Popular streamer xQc responds to criticism of recap videos on Twitch

Variety streaming star Félix “xQc” Lengyel appeared frustrated in a recent stream after one of his viewers complained that his content was boring. In response, he said he was only feeding the addiction suffered by Twitch viewers.

XQc is a well-known name in the gaming industry. He has been competing in professional Overwatch for a long time, earning millions of dollars through streaming. People often describe him as the “epitome of a variety streamer”.

His content includes reactions to recap videos and horror video game playthroughs. A recent stream by xQc showed him reacting to others’ videos, something his viewers have been criticizing due to the unoriginal nature of the activity. After a viewer called him out through the chat feature, he became angry.

XQc said he made the content to feed the addiction suffered by his viewers, saying that since everyone suffers some form of addiction, what he was doing was justifiable.

“You say you hate recaps, but you cannot keep your eyes off of them,” he said, specifically calling out the viewer who made the initial comment for hypocrisy.

“Every time we’ve watched recaps, you’re in the chat and you’re watching. We are all junk addicts. People say you can get addicted to this, addicted to that. You may become addicted to alcohol or addicted to gambling. Dude, we are all addicted to dogsh*t content.”

He also said the fact that his broadcast had been successful was a testament to the addiction. Accordingly, he considered what he did fair.

“If people weren’t addicted to dogsh*t content, no one would watch this stream, ever. I would literally have zero viewers.”

xQc is a top variety streamer on the platform that goes beyond just reacting to others’ videos. He devotes countless hours to playing video games, communicates with fans, and takes part in community events.

Concerns about xQc’s sponsored gambling streams

After a year, xQc started sponsoring gambling streams again in May 2022, which sparked a backlash. He has, however, made it clear that people should not look up to him as a role model. He has also spoken openly about his losses.

Despite concerns about its impact on him and others, xQc explained why he promoted gambling sponsors on Twitch again, saying viewers only “pick and choose” when it is a problem. The Twitch streamer stopped promoting gambling sponsors in June 2021 after acknowledging that he became addicted. He said he also came to be aware of how many vulnerable young viewers might have been exposed to gambling.

The situation changed, however, on May 16. XQc spent a significant portion of his streams on promoting gambling, which upset some viewers, who blasted him for changing his stance just weeks after admitting to his gambling problem twice.

“Everybody threw us all under the bus when the chips were down, and everybody turned on us,” said xQc, referring to the backlash he received over promoting gambling on Twitch. “People are selectively choosing who they back up when, if your real motive is behind morals and ethics, you can’t pick and choose.”

Due to that, he decided to engage in sponsored gambling streams again. He added, “I started malding seeing people pick this and choose that, and you know what, at the end of the day, I was like, I love gambling, so I’m just going to gamble”.