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PSG Talon qualifies for MSI 2022 following PCS Spring Split playoffs win

Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) this year welcomed another professional League of Legends squad that entered the growing list of competitors after dominating their region in the regular season and playoffs.

Having qualified for MSI 2022 from the Pacific Championship Series (PCS), PSG Talon said they hoped to once again amaze fans around the globe. They went to the grand finals and won with a score of 3-2 over CTBC Flying Oyster, allowing them to finish first in the Spring Split and climb back from the brink of elimination.

The team expressed their excitement on Twitter, saying “THAT FINAL TEAM FIGHT!!!”.

PSG lost to CTBC in the winners finals of the playoff, forcing the PCS Spring Split champions to review their strategies to face CTBC again in the grand finals. After a narrow 3-2 victory over J Team, they avenged their loss and claimed the throne.

PSG surprised the world with its third-place finish at MSI last year, behind RNG and DWG KIA. They previously defeated favored teams such as the LCS’ Cloud9 and the LEC’s MAD Lions.

PSG Talon, along with the LCK’s T1, LEC’s G2 Esports, TCL’s Istanbul Wildcats, LLA’s Team Aze, LJL’s DetonatioN FocusMe, and LCO’s ORDER are on the list of eligible teams that will go to MSI. The complete line-up for MSI will be confirmed later as other Spring Splits are still wrapping up worldwide.

MSI will be the first international League event of the year, kicking off on May 10 in Busan, South Korea. The event will last for three weeks and end on May 29.

Get ready for MSI 2022

The Wildcard regions will also be represented at MSI 2022 along with the major regions. The best teams that win their playoffs in the first half of the year will qualify as a delegation from their respective region at MSI, Riot’s first international event of 2022.

The Spring playoffs start at different schedules but tend to take place mostly in late March and wrap up around mid-late April. Here is a list of regional Spring favorites.

– Turkish Championship League (TCL) 2022 Winter Playoffs

– Pacific Championship Series (PCS) 2022 Spring Playoffs

League of Legends Circuit Oceania (LCO) 2022 Split 1 Playoffs

– LoL Japan League (LJL) 2022 Spring SPLIT Playoffs

– Campeonato Brasileiro de League of Legends (CBLOL) 2022 Split 1 Playoffs

– Liga Latinoamérica (LLA) 2022 Opening Playoffs

– Vietnam Championship Series (VCS) 2022 Spring Playoffs

The PCS has the most teams participating in the playoffs among all wildcard regions, with eight teams competing. This is mostly because PCS has multiple teams from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and Southeast Asia.

PSG Talon is an esports team based in Hong Kong, formed in affiliation with the French football club Paris Saint-Germain, which previously had its own League of Legends team.

With both the Spring and Summer playoffs victory in 2021, PSG Talon is undoubtedly a fan favorite. Moreover, in last year’s World Championships, PSG finished in the upper half of the competition. Their sole potential competitor is J Team, whom they beat twice already in the regular season.