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PUBG Mobile to collaborate with Warframe, limited-time event, more

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The unlikely alliance or collaboration of the video game world is set to take place this year from March 10 to April 19, between developer Krafton Inc. as well as publisher Tencent’s hit battle royale video game title PUBG Mobile and developer Digital Extremes’ free-to-play shooter game Warframe.

The announcement of the new partnership with Warframe came out after the Jujutsu Kaisen crossover and Tencent is known for pushing fun as well as engaging content for PUBGM to keep its longevity.

PUBGM is committed to pushing out content for players to enjoy, from annual/anniversary content release, monthly, daily and even content for returning players.

PUBG x Warframe, rewards, schedule

Announcing the upcoming collaboration is Tencent in a recent tweet adding: “We are so glad to announce we will have a collaboration with Warframe! Stay tuned for the in-game collaboration content!”

More about the collaboration, players of PUBGM will be given a chance to get a limited time Warframe-themed items by completing in-game missions. PUBGM players may already be familiar with event-limited missions in the game, but usually, players will have to complete it by claiming it daily and simply fulfill what items or anything requires prior to turning in the mission.

There are other missions but the idea is pretty much the same, complete and gets rewarded. In addition, reportedly during the limited-time event, players may also have the chance to get Warframe inspired character skins and more additional content is set to be announced later as the event continues.

Moreover, the event schedule begins with a special preview event for the first two weeks from March 10-23. In a press release, the preview event is set to feature a set of challenges and the reward for completing these challenges will be a new skin.

As for upcoming updates ahead of the collaboration, Sportskeeda added while PUBGM’s 1.9 game update is scheduled on March 18, the limited-time event with Warframe is not included in the game’s events column. Therefore, the Warframe could be included in the 1.10 update in May.
However, according to Gamespot, the rest of the limited-time event will come with the 1.9 game update, hinting that the collaboration could come ahead of the 1.9 update or simply as scheduled.

While Tencent is yet to upload any video detailing the upcoming updates at the time of writing this article, the Twitter announcement is enough to set PUBGM fans with excitement.

Previous collaboration

The reason mainly is simple, Tencent has been rolling out as much content as they can for PUBGM. It was undeniable that PUBGM is a global success and remains one of the relevant mobile games since it was released in 2017.

In 2020, PUBGM was named as one of the biggest video games and grossing over $2.6 billion in revenue as per Sports Interactive Network.

Notably, PUBGM has collaborated with some of the industry big names from Spider-Man: No Way Home, Resident Evil, Attack on Titan, Blackpink, Jujutsu Kaisen and Arcane (League of Legends animated series).