Rainbow Six Siege Esports

Rainbow Six Siege betting has been rising in popularity and the game is currently in a great spot. We’ll use this opportunity to explain what Rainbow Six Siege betting is and mention some of the best Rainbow Six betting sites where you can begin your betting journey.

Rainbow Six Siege Top Betting Site:

Rainbow Six Siege is a first-person shooter game that shares a lot of similarities with other games in the genre, but has a few unique twists that set it apart from the rest. First of all, the game relies heavily on teamwork and cooperation between players. Having insane skill when playing solo will only get you so far, but meanwhile, having an average player who’s quick to coordinate his actions is much better.


The other thing Rainbow Six Siege incorporates well into the core gameplay is the destructible environment such as walls and other physical objects, which adds an additional element of unpredictability and depth to the game.

Rainbow Six Esports

Many bettors have been following some of the most popular first-person shooter games like CS:GO and Valorant, but some are still unaware of the booming betting market that is Rainbow Six Siege Esports.

Rainbow Six Siege is slowly becoming one of the most popular esports titles. Not only is there an absolutely massive number of Rainbow Six Siege esports tournaments, but they are being organised in various different regions around the world.


For example, the Six Invitational 2021 is one of the biggest and most prestigious Rainbow Six Siege esports events. This esports tournament was organised by ESL and Ubisoft, and it featured an incredible $3.000.000 prize pool divided across 20 competing teams. We don’t see these numbers very often in the esports industry, which is yet another indicator of how well the game is doing right now.

Although Six Invitational is an annual event, there’s plenty of other Rainbow Six Esports tournaments to keep us busy in the meantime. The North American League and the European Challenger League are also very popular, and you’ll see many Rainbow Six Siege betting sites add odds for these events.

Best Rainbow Six Betting Sites

When it comes to Rainbow Six Siege betting, there’s plenty of options to choose from. The game is incredibly popular and most of the top betting platforms are jumping at the opportunity to add all the new Rainbow Six Siege esports tournaments for their fans to bet on.

1. GG.Bet

The number one betting site for Rainbow Six Siege is GG.Bet. This betting site has all that you’ll need – great user interface, lots of exciting bonuses, a wide array of payment methods, and excellent customer support. Of course, the excellent GG.Bet odds are also there, so you’ll always have a ton of interesting Rainbow Six Siege betting options.

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2. Betway

Betway esports is always a great choice when it comes to Rainbow Six Siege betting. Not only will you enjoy a safe and secure betting environment, but you’ll also enjoy some of the best and most competitive betting odds on the market.

They cover a wide range of Rainbow Six Siege esports tournaments, so you’ll always have something new to bet on.

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3. Loot.bet

If you’re looking to do some live esports betting, then look no further. Loot.bet is an excellent betting site that’s dedicated to esports betting.

They offer a great service, and are one of the best choices when it comes to betting on live Rainbow Six Siege esports tournaments. You can watch the action live as it unfolds and enjoy betting at the same time.

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Rainbow Six Types of Bets

We all know that Rainbow Six Siege betting has the default bet type where you select a team you believe will win and bet on them. But are there any other Rainbow Six Siege betting types?

As a matter of fact, there are. While the usual standard bet is perfectly fine and many prefer to keep it simple, there’s a way to delve a bit deeper.


You’ll often find bet types such as “player with most first kills” or “players vs. player kills“. There’s also a bet where you have to guess the correct match score or the total number of rounds.

Overall, there’s plenty of options to pick, so you’ll never feel bored with Rainbow Six Siege betting.

Rainbow Six Betting Tips

Now that we know more about Rainbow Six Siege betting, the only question remains whether there are any tips to get us started. There’s a few.

  • First of all, if you’re new to Rainbow Six Siege betting, it’s a good idea to research a bit more about the game. You can always go in blind and bet on a random team, but if you truly wish to test your betting skills, you’ll do your homework and get all the necessary details beforehand.
  • Check out some Rainbow Six Siege streams in your free time and see how the game plays. Watch the players moving, how they behave, what objectives they go for, etc. After a while, you’ll notice patterns and learn how the pros work, so you’ll have a better grasp and be able to anticipate good betting outcomes more easily.
  • Also, it’s best to start slow and gradually increase your bets. You don’t want to put all your money on the first match and potentially lose it. Play the long game. Put smaller bets at first until you get into the groove of things. Later on, you can increase it as you gain more confidence and knowledge about the betting market.
  • Lastly, aim to have fun. Betting is all about having fun and enjoying yourself, so make that your top priority. Don’t be upset if you miss a few of your first bets, that’s completely normal. Just learn from them, memorize which teams performed well, and keep that in mind for future bets.

Final Remarks

Rainbow Six Siege is an incredible game with a lot of depth. Valorant has fun abilities, CS:GO has crazy solo outplays and 1v5 clutch situations, but Rainbow Six Siege has superior team-oriented gameplay and destructible environment.

Rainbow Six Siege has a steep learning curve because there’s so much to learn before you can truly begin enjoying it to the fullest. But that’s also one of the biggest strengths of the game. Once you master the initial obstacles and learn the basics, you’ll start enjoying the game and gradually take your performance to a higher level.

This is why Rainbow Six Siege esports is so popular today. Players enjoy watching all the crazy outplays, smart map positioning and movement of the teams, as well as creating advantageous moments through smart use of the environment. As long as the game stays as it is, there will always be Rainbow Six Siege esports tournaments and people will continue to bet on them.