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Riot announces Teamfight Tactics: Monsters Attack! expansion

Riot Games announced the newest expansion for Teamfight Tactics on November 1. The expansion Monsters Attack! is the eighth set for the game and features titanic enemies and gigantic hero units.

in Set 8, players will command a team full of heroes and anti-heroes to face Kaiju monsters that want to destroy the world. The upcoming update will be a huge shift from the previous expansion, Dragonlands. Riot dubs the new expansion a “bold new vision for Teamfight Tactics, reimagining everything from its art direction to its core gameplay.”

Augment system as permanent feature

Riot has decided to keep the Augment system as a permanent feature in the game. The system first appeared in Gadgets & Gizmos, allowing players to pick an upgrade three times during a match. The system did not disappear after G&G ended and appeared in Dragonlands.

Riot has decided to improve the current Augment system by adding a new feature. Set 8 will offer Hero Augments, which focus on a specific hero instead of team-wide Augmentation. Riot said players could turn their chosen hero into a “superhero” or a “supervillain.”

Since Hero Augments can be game-breaking, Riot only allows one Hero Augment per player during a match. The option to augment a hero will also appear to both players simultaneously, so the match will not become one-sided.

Monsters Attack! offers new traits

Set 8 will also offer a new trait named Threat trait. Units with a Threat trait will not receive any benefits from synergies and have no individual traits. In return, Threat units are more powerful compared to regular units. The new expansion will finally bring the long-awaited hero, Ramus. He will be one of the units with the Threat trait.

Besides the Threat trait, the expansion will introduce another new trait called A.D.M.I.N. This trait will allow players to customize a hero’s trait according to their needs. The A.D.M.I.N. trait offers seven Causes and Effects. Causes can be paired with Effects to create unique traits.

Set 8 will also bring Anima squad units. Each time an Anima squad unit takes down an enemy, they will strike a pose and gain a stack of Fame. By stacking points of Fame, the Anima squad units will get a boost for their ability and damage.

Alongside the Anima squad, the set will bring Underground heroes to TFT. These heroes’ main goal is to complete a heist. Players will get one progress point by making progress towards completing a heist through victory. However, they will lose two points if they fail. After players gain seven points, they can access the Amory to obtain Heist rewards. The more points earned, the bigger the rewards.

Monsters Attack! will also offer new cosmetics such as Little Legend Chibis for Lux and Ahri. Similar to previous chibis, they will have unique finishing animation when they take down an opponent or get eliminated.

PvE rounds get an update in the form of new monsters. These new monsters will drop “anvils” that can be used to access the armory. Players can choose an item or component to help them in battle.

The set will be launched on the PBE servers on November 15 and the full release is scheduled for early December.