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Riot Games changes 2023 EMEA VCT Game Changers format

Riot Games has announced several changes to the format of the 2023 EMEA VCT Game Changers, which now has four layers that account for players’ skill levels.

The developer said it had listened to the Game Changers community and reviewed game data to make the decision. Riot wants the new format to support both high-level players while fostering inclusivity.

“Heading into 2023, we will continue to grow that sense of community that has come to define Game Changers EMEA along with taking the format to the next level,” Riot said.

Riot has added the VCT Game Changers EMEA: Emergents, an internal Discord server that offers “budding Radiants a chance to shine.” It will serve as a primary hub for all Game Changers EMEA news. The Discord community features a leaderboard and rewards.

Besides Emergents, the lowest layer also contains the Academy. It is a space that promotes discussion regarding possible career routes within the VALORANT scene. Academy members can access instructional material from VCT Game Changers experts.

The third and second layers contain the VCT Game Changers EMEA: Contenders and the VCT Game Changers EMEA. Players can participate in regional events to qualify for a spot in Contenders. The winners of Contenders will have a chance to fight in Game Changers EMEA.

There will be 16 teams participating in EMEA, with the top four being the best performers from the previous year. In the top layer is the Game Changers World Championship, where players can test their skills to their limits.

“Beyond VCT Game Changers EMEA lies the Game Changers World Championship – the ultimate test of skill,” Riot said.

“Offering a chance to show off just how good EMEA’s women truly are, stars are forged here and trophies won, providing the perfect conclusion to the Game Changers EMEA experience.”

VALORANT to arrive on consoles

Riot has been busy improving VALORANT. Besides making changes to the 2023 EMEA VCT Game Changers, the developer seems to be planning on releasing the game on consoles.

VALORANT has only been available on PC since its release. However, several new job posts suggest that the game may eventually be released on consoles.

Earlier this morning, a job posting for a senior game designer to collaborate with Riot on VALORANT appeared on Hitmarker. The qualification for the hired person is to “help bring console game products to market.”

Riot also posted a job vacancy for a game design manager last week. The hire will work with the design team to adapt VALORANT’s combat system for consoles.

“Through your leadership and guidance, the design team will adapt the highly challenging PC gameplay to better work for an audience playing on gamepad,” Riot wrote.

Riot has been tight-lipped about the possibility of VALORANT coming to consoles. But there is a high possibility that the release date for its console version will appear later this year or next year.

It is unknown if VALORANT will be available in several consoles or if it will be exclusive. However, the game should arrive on PlayStation. According to data miner Shiina, VALORANT game files have referenced a string regarding a loss of connection to PlayStation Network servers.

Riot is also planning to release VALORANT on mobile devices. Insider Danny INTEL released several images of VALORANT Mobile in April, which he had obtained from the first playtest for the VALORANT mobile in China.