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Riot reveals Anima Squad skins for League of Legends

Riot Games has revealed the “Anima Squad” skins, a brand new lineup of cosmetics for six League of Legends champions during the 2022 League of Legends livestream.

Anima Squad features cosmetics for Vayne, Jinx, Miss Fortune, and Sylas. Besides the cosmetic pack release, Riot also has reworked Riven’s original Battle Bunny skin into Battle Bunny Prime.

Each is animal-themed skins from Battle Bat Vayne, Battle Bunny Miss Fortune, Battle Wolf Sylas, Battle Bunny Prime Riven, two skins for fan-favorite character Jinx namely Battle Cat Jinx, and Battle Cat Jinx Prestige Edition.

Expansion, skins details

During the first 2022 developer’s update, Riot is set to expand League’s Battle Bunny skin lineup in 2022. In the words of Riot game director, Jonathan Belliss the alternate universe and skins expansion will focus on “sleek, high-tech armor, powerful warriors, and cute animals.”

Further, League has released official concept arts on Twitter, providing fans and players a detailed look.

From Battle Bunny Riven, a revamped skin works from the developer, featuring mostly purple and green colors. Riven can be seen wielding her trusty weapon with a brand new orange and slightly channeling carrot-like vibes.

Battle Bat Vayne and Battle Wolf Sylas, both draw direct inspiration from vampires and werewolves. Donning all dark purple color tones for their armors and weapons.

Fan-favorite pirate lady, Miss Fortune on the other with her Battle Bunny Miss Fortune is set to have a bunny-inspired armor and look.

As for Jinx, she is the only champion who received two new cosmetics. One of which is a prestige version so players might want to watch out for the new upcoming Prestige Skin Shop. Jinx’s new skin appears to have been heavily inspired by a kawaii-ish cat girl, blue and white color tones for her armor with pink hair, and light modernistic cat ears to compliment the whole new set.

Cost, release date

Reports suggest the Anima Squad skins cost around 1350 RP. The price is fairly common among League’s epic skins and the new cosmetic package has been reported to be in the said rarity.

Although, the same case might be different as other sources, and fans has speculated that either Battle Bunny Prime Riven skin or the Battle Bunny Miss Fortune may come out as legendary skins. This would cost around 1820 RP. Best to keep in mind that up until now, Miss Fortune is yet to have her legendary skin and this might be a debut release for her.

Anima Squad is set to release on Wednesday, March 30, 2022, with League’s 12.6 Patch. While it will take quite some time until the release date, this week forward might be a good chance for players to pile up RPs and work on the budgets.

Previously, League launched Bee skins for Orlanna, Ziggs, Nunu & Willump and Heimerdinger. In early 2022, League also revealed Porcelain skins, Withered Rose skins, Crystal Rose skins, new skins for the Firecracker line, and Prestige Edition for Lux and Prestige Brave Phoenix Xayah.