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Riot, Secretlab release VALORANT Collection gaming setup

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Riot announced its collaboration with Secretlab with the new Secretlab VALORANT Collection. It includes a gaming chair, a desk, a desk mat, a memory foam lumbar pillow and cable management add-ons.

The VALORANT gaming chair will be accompanied by a Riot Gun Buddy that many players strive to get in-game. Riot seems to notice players’ desperation over the Gun Buddy that they created a physical charm, which can be found at the connection between the back and the seat of the gaming chair.

Gun Buddies are in-game cosmetics in the form of weapon charms. They can be obtained by finishing Agen Contracts, leveling up on Battle Pass or buying them from the store. The Riot Gun Buddy is considered to be the rarest one. Players can get the Riot gun buddy in the game from a giveaway, but they can also get it after leaving a good impression on Riot employees when they are present in the lobby.

Riot and Secretlab have partnered before and released many events and character-based gaming chairs. However, this will be the first time the two companies launch a VALORANT-branded gaming setup. The chair is a VALORANT edition of the Titan Evo 2022 and will feature adjustable seating, a chair pillow and armrests. The chair costs $659 at the Secretlab store.

“Introducing the Secretlab VALORANT Collection — the first-ever licensed VALORANT merchandise,” VALORANT said on Twitter. “Stay sharp in your rank climb of the final Act of Episode 5 with award-winning ergonomics and be battle-ready with a setup that DEFIES THE LIMITS. Valorant | Secretlab US.”

The VALORANT-branded Secretlab MAGNUS metal desk will be available as a stationary and a standing desk. The stationary desk is priced at $600, while the standing desk costs $1,000. Secretlab is also selling VALORANT-themed cable management add-ons and a desk mat. The desk mat is available in 1.5m and 1.77m sizes and can be used on any MAGNUS and MAGNUS Pro desks.

Riot Gun Buddy

Some players can’t handle not having their own Riot Gun Buddy so they create one for themselves. Kirya’s charm is one such attempt. It is created from scrap materials and plaster. The player, Kirya, crafted the charm using in-game measurements.

First, the player made a mold and poured melted tin into it. After it cooled down, the player then glued the molded tin pieces into one. After that, it only needs to be primed and painted with VALORANT’s red and black color scheme.

“It happened a couple of months ago. I really wanted a riot gun buddy, but I realized that it was almost impossible to get it in the game,” Kirya wrote on Reddit. “Since I can’t get it in the game, I’ll do it in the real life. By making this gunbuddy, I learned a lot of new things, how to work with iron, with paints and etc.”

The community praises Kirya’s attempt, saying that Riot should give the player a Riot Gun Buddy after this.

“Anybody know a riot employee to tag? Seems like something they would like,” one player said.

They are now trying to get the developer’s attention so Kirya can actually get the Riot Buddy Gun in-game. Riot has given the Buddy Gun to many for similar acts. It is possible that Kirya will eventually receive one.