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Riot to reward LoL players with exclusive skin line for positive behavior

Riot Games has announced plans to update the Honor rewards in League of Legends. Riot said LoL would award the most-behaved players with the Three Honors Malzahar skin. The skin line will be accessible to anyone who reaches Honor Level 5, the highest Honor rank in the game.

The news was confirmed by Riot product lead for Behavioral Systems Hana “TimTamMonster” Dinh. Via a release, TimTamMonster said the move was made to encourage players to behave positively in LoL to create positive experiences for all.

LoL is known for its toxic in-game environment. Riot recently said that the team was looking for ways to mitigate negative behaviors. The Los Angeles-based gaming company dubbed these initiatives as “ProSocial behavior.”

“You’ve told us more times than I can count that the rewards for reaching the highest level of Honor are stale. As promised in my last post, I’m thrilled to share The Three Honors Skinline and its 2022 entrant: Three Honors Malzahar,” TimTamMonster wrote.

The announcement

Before the announcement, there were rumors and hints that the renowned gaming developer was looking to award LoL players for positive in-game behaviors. It was only this week that TimTamMonster made the news official.

“We’re working hard on an exclusive skin just for players who reach Honor 5 as part of the End of Season rewards,” the product lead said in March.

“These exclusive rewards will give you a new way to show off in-game, in addition to existing Honor skins, chromas, and other rewards. So now’s the time to get your Honor on! Stay tuned for more details.”

The reward came out to be an Honor exclusive skin called Three Honors Malzahar, which, as the name suggests, would likely be the first of three Honors skins. Aside from this, TimTamMonster also confirmed a new chroma released for Medieval Twitch and Grey Warwick skins that players may claim as an additional award for reaching Honor level 5.

“We also wanted to touch on the other rewards you get for Honor,” TimTamMonster continued.

“Historically, we have added a new chroma for the Medieval Twitch and Grey Warwick skins each year for players to choose from when they reach Honor 5. The Three Honors skin line is replacing these new chromas. Honor 5 capsules will still contain the token you can redeem for Twitch, Warwick, or their previous chromas.”

How Honor works

TimTamMonster explained how the LoL Honor system worked and how it was calculated. Honor progression is based on the recognition given directly by teammates in a game. The more positive behavior displayed across games played, the faster one’s Honor ranking would progress.

TimTamMonster explained that a “rare slip-up” will not affect Honor momentum made throughout games, but “flip-flopping between” positive and negative behaviors will “slow you down a lot.”

“Whether or not you get punished for the behavior we detect, all detected disruptive behaviors will impact Honor,” TimTamMonster added.**

“The impact can result in a decrease in your honor level, a slowing in your honor progression, or both. The more severe the behavior, the more it will impact your score.”

If all players in a team honor someone, each player’s Honor score will receive an extra boost. Additionally, pairing with matchmade teammates, as opposed to premade teammates, will give an additional Honor score.