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Riot’s latest video reveals League of Legends Season 13 updates

In the latest edition of “LoL Pls,” posted on January 9, 2023, League of Legends executive producer Jeremy “Brightmoon” Lee talked about updates for Season 13. The new season will come with new skins, new champions, mid-season ranking, ranked rewards and more. Here are the details.

New skins

Brightmoon confirmed that numerous champions, including Aurelion Sol, Ivern, Kled and Kalista, will receive new skins for the upcoming season.

Kalista will have the Fairy Queen skin line, set in a mystical universe where the natural world influences every character.

The developers said that the Fairy Queen has both positive and negative stories behind her skin. These details will likely be unveiled when the skin line is launched.

Following the release of the Fairy Queen skin, the developers revealed the return of Cats versus Dogs. This charming skin line formerly featured champions such as Kog’Maw, the Mouth of the Abyss and the Daring Bombardier Corki.

The Cantankerous Cavalier Kled will also receive a Cats versus Dogs skin this time.

There is currently no confirmed release date for the Cats versus Dogs skins, but they could appear in the game sometime during Season 13.

Blade Dancer Irelia and Battle Mistress Sivir, two of the most popular champions, will soon have Lunar New Year skins as part of LoL’s Chinese New Year festivities.

New champions

Aurelion Sol’s Comprehensive Gameplay Update (SGU) is the other big thing fans will see in season 13. The developers gave full information about his upgraded skins and other changes a few days ago. He is now on the Public Beta Environment cycle for patch 13.2.

After the Aurelion Sol CGU, players will get to know the new Champion, Milio. A healer from Ixtal, he uses fire as his main element. Milio seems young but likes to try new things and take risks.

Milio will spend the upcoming season searching for and uncovering Runeterra’s deepest, darkest secrets while triumphing over the obstacles life throws his way. He’ll be a spellcaster and, most likely, a supporting character.

After Milio, players will be introduced to Naafiri as the next champion. The Darkin champion is a mid-lane assassin, ideal for players that prefer to stay in the shadows and concentrate on hunting.

Naafiri will be locked up in a weapon, just like Varus and Aatrox, who were both Darkin champions before Naafiri. Her weapon will be a freaky knife.

The video also discusses the Crystal Vanguard Skarner’s Visual and Gameplay (VGU). Riot Games is working on something new with Skarner, the details of which will be shared soon via a blog post.

Mid-season ranked reset

The mid-season ranked reset is one of the most significant additions to LoL season 13. In the past, gamers would dedicate an entire year to climbing the ladder. The ranking will operate rather differently this year.

LoL has featured multiple splits for some time. However, up to this time, they were merely a means of assisting players in their progression.

The two ranked splits will include a full ranked reset with mid-season awards to recognize a player’s solo queue accomplishments at the start of 2023

This update means that once players reach their maximum level, they will play just enough to escape demotion or turn to smurfing.

Ranked rewards

LoL product lead Chris “Auberaun” Roberts announced that, for the first time, Season 13 would feature two rating skins to keep the game interesting and competitive all year long.

After the first split concludes, players will receive their first set of ranking rewards, including icons, emotes, borders and a Ranked skin, while the standard set will be awarded at the end of the season.

Another big difference in the reward system this year is the elimination of the Gold tier or higher criterion.

Since the introduction of the Victorious skin line, players have been required to be gold or higher to be eligible for the end-of-season skin.

Auberaun confirmed that players would no longer need to reach Gold or above this season. Players at lower tiers than Gold will need to play a lot more than just the ten placement games to get their end-split bonus.

He further explained that the new ranked system used this year would need to be assessed before any further splits were considered.

The game’s creators are working on several additions to enhance ranked play this year, including anonymous Champion Select, pick order shifting and a loadout recommender.