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RNG’s Wei completes MSI 2022 with highest KDA of all players

Royal Never Give Up are officially the crowned champions of the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational after a month of hard-fought battles in the tournament. RNG made it clear throughout MSI 2022 that they were determined to bring the trophy home to China for the second season in a row.

RNG jungler Yan “Wei” Yang-Wei, in particular, not only took home another MSI victory, but also recorded the highest KDA at the event. In fact, Wei’s stellar play throughout the tournament earned him the MVP title of MSI 2022.

While both T1 and RNG demonstrated their incredible talent, it was RNG who excelled and ultimately prevailed. RNG decided to give T1 a taste of their own medicine in the final game of the day, and it was none other than Wei who made the difference.

With a 7.41 KDA, Wei topped MSI 2022 with the highest KDA in the tournament, but this number does not include the group stage games prior to RNG’s forced rematches. By slightly over two points, his record surpasses that of T1’s Moon “Oner” Hyeon-joon.

Wei served as one of the key factors of RNG’s success, along with champions like Viego, Lee Sin, and Wukong. Ultimately, RNG won its second MSI championship in a row, with Wei leading the way. This is a huge improvement over Wei’s MSI 2021 KDA of 4.77, where the team displayed remarkable performance against DWG KIA.

Though they tried their best, T1 could not match RNG’s strategy. RNG exploited the Korean champions’ weaknesses in the most effective way possible.

RNG, supreme force of League of Legends MSI

Throughout their history as a team, RNG has always been known as Spring Emperors. There is no doubt that this squad lives up to its name every year at the League of Legends MSI tournament, challenging every competitor to earn this sought-after international title.

As a result of this victory, RNG now boast three MSI titles, indicating their dominance. The records, however, are far from over as this season’s victory also means that RNG retained their MSI title victory from 2021. With everything this team has endured this month, no one would doubt that RNG deserved this win.

There was a travel restriction preventing RNG from traveling to Busan. For this reason, they were forced to compete remotely from China. In addition to that, everyone within RNG had to undergo a grueling regimen to ensure their performance during this entire month did not drop.

It was evident that the team displayed a great sense of team spirit and determination, not just at the beginning of the competition but also during the finals. It was an intense match with all five games being played and took quite a while to conclude. Although RNG knew that if they were to win over T1, they had to take the early game away from the Korean squad.

RNG defeated T1 and won their second MSI title in a row with almost the same exact lineup as they used to compete last year. The team is now set to compete in the LPL Summer Split, scheduled to begin sometime in June.