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Rocket League-esque Turbo Golf Racing to launch on August 4

Turbo Golf Racing (TGR) is an upcoming arcade sports racing game that offers a hybrid gaming experience of Rocket League and arcade racing. TGR announced its launch earlier on April 28 this year. The announcement received positive responses, with the game promising to offer unique arcade racing experiences.

Developed by Hugecalf Studios and published by Secret Mode, TGR recently began its second Beta testing on June 11. The test will finish on June 20. It features 12 playable golf-inspired courses, single-player trials, and online multiplayer as well as season progression level ahead of the game’s official release window in late 2022.

Turbo Golf Racing to release this year

TGR will launch on August 4 this year on Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. Shortly after its official announcement, TGR sparked interest from the Rocket League community. Hugecalf Studios’ new entry title offers what Rocket League lacks most—arcade experience.

TGR entered its second Beta phase recently this month. Its first Beta testing was conducted back in April. The developer team has made the game available for PC via Steam or Microsoft Store and console via the Xbox Insider. However, the second Beta is only accessible from June 11-20.

From two Beta phases and a reveal during the Future Games Show – Summer Showcase, the developer team gave more than a glimpse of what the title may offer to its players. In short, TGR is a racing golf game, and the action it offers is similar to Rocket League.

The Beta features 12 golf-inspired courses, single-player trials, a Beta progression season that spans 15 levels long, and up to eight competitors in online multiplayer. It remains to be seen whether the developer will add more when the game launches.

In the game, players race on golf courses to score points by putting giant balls into the holes. Traxion’s Thomas Harrison-Lord describes TGR’s simple and straightforward unique cross-platform multiplayer gameplay as “frenetic”.

PC Gamer executive editor Tyler Wilde praised TGR, saying that the game is a perfect mix-match of Rocket League and arcade racing. Wilde claimed that most Rocket League players were often looking for a more challenging and acrobatic mod for the game, which TGR provides.

Wilde said that TGR might be the solution for Rocket League enthusiasts. The game offers a similar experience to Rocket League, but it has its own uniqueness, including weapons and power-ups just to name a few.

“There are also weapons and power ups in Turbo Golf Racing, which Rocket League doesn’t have outside of its Rumble mode. I’m not sure how I feel about that. In Rocket League’s standard modes, the complexity comes almost entirely from teamwork and fine maneuvering, with few distractions,” Wilde wrote.

“I like that Psyonix didn’t overstuff Rocket League with toys: It’s just rocket cars trying to hit a ball into a goal. Then again, Rocket League’s Rumble mode has always been fun when I’ve played it, so maybe the power ups work in Turbo Golf Racing.”