Rocket League Fantasy: Live Fantasy football but better

Rocket League fantasy is here! The football phenomenon has come to fantasy sports, and I don’t mean some famous sportsman but the game that mixes cars with football designed by Psyonix and Panic Button Games.

Play Fantasy Rocket League:

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Rocket League fantasy esports: is it a good idea?

As you may imagine, Rocket League has a pretty solid fan base, plus it has an active number of players bordering on 32,000 at the professional level with peaks of up to 112,000 players connected in standard games. Besides, fantasy RLCS is already big enough to offer over 10,000$ in rewards.

So, to put things in perspective, the game is quite popular, and since its launch in 2015, it only continues to grow.

But, this alone is not what makes it a great fantasy esport, the fact is that Rocket League is one of the favorites of betting sites, so getting statistics and analysis of the professional environment is quite simple.

Besides, its similarity to traditional football makes it quite easy to line up for servers as professional players can handle even a full team, very much like the FIFA titles released by EA Inc.

How does Rocket League fantasy work?

Although there is a lot of confusion about it, the fantasy esports works differently from Rocket League Live Bets. However, it is also based completely on the results of professional games.


Rocket League Fantasy @ Draftkings

Let’s explain to you in more detail how it works:

To begin with, when you play a fantasy esports, the platform will assign you a salary cap. This is nothing more than a budget with which you will buy professional players to be part of the team.

By the way, it is important to know that the better your player’s performance in real life, the more expensive their salary will be.

This way you will build a new professional team with players who are participating in real-life tournaments.

Then your team will be pitted against others in standard games, or even through tournaments. This is where we see the second difference since the victory is not taken by the one who wins, obviously since your fantasy team is not going to play the matches for real, but by the one whose statistics accumulate more points.

Thanks to this, fantasy esports are more seen as a matter of strategy than of chance. This is the same reason why Rocket League daily fantasy is an excellent alternative for esports betting USA.

How to play a Rocket League daily fantasy match?

  • Subscribe to a daily fantasy sports platform that includes the game
  • Research the best professional players for each position
  • Create your own team
  • Participate in individual competitions or subscribe to events
  • Wait for the results and pray that the performance of the team you created is enough to guarantee you more points than the other players
Now, we can understand that this small step by step we left you with a big question:

Where can I play fantasy RLCS?

Thanks to the growth of esports, it is now possible to get titles such as League Of Legends and Overwatch in pages dedicated to DFS. However, we consider that Draftkings is probably the best option for your Rocket League fantasy games.

Let’s talk a little bit about this. To begin with, DraftKings is a giant of the DFS, sharing the US crown with FanDuel; however, the latter does not have a wide range of esports, and is limited to the US; therefore not allowing foreign players.



DraftKings also have some esports that may interest you, including League of Legends, eNASCAR, and CS:GO Fantasy.

Besides, it offers monthly goals in mission mode to encourage play and allows you to bet real money on your team. This way you can have fun and make money at the same time, if you’re good enough at picking players, of course.

However, what makes Draftkings our first choice is the ease of use. You can get more details about the platform in our DraftKings Review, however, note that when you log in and make your first $5 deposit you will get a $20 bonus to start playing. This can be considered as a fairly low investment to risk if you are going to start betting.

Are you ready to put your luck in the hands of your fantasy RLCS Team? Then make up your research and start playing!

Build-up your team for Rocket League daily fantasy games

What could be more exciting than creating your own Rocket League daily fantasy team? Well, to begin being able to put some faith and cash on it.

So, check out how the best players are developing in the metagame, remember that each pro usually specializes in certain positions and remember that a team can be handled by even 4 pro players, so try to give your defense and offense a nice manager.

Try Fantasy Rocket League with DraftKings